Monday, March 23, 2009

What happens when seven writer's (okay, one is just a picture on a slip of paper, but she was there in spirit) get together for coffee? Watch and find out.

We had such a great time, such an eclectic cast of characters we are.

I am afraid of Jarucia. Seriously. Her knowledge and confidence make me feel about 2 inches tall. She's not all brains and power though, she's funny, insightful, and inspiring. AND she's the only one of us who made the top 500 in the ABNA contest. Check out her entry here

I've never really talked to Mac before, aside from the Seattle ABNA thread. He's a great guy, very informative and helpful. Brought information on the PNW conference. He even had a business card. I need a business card. He's got it going on. Shouldn't be long before we see his name in print.

Amy K. I actually had to ask her last name because that's all I know her by. Her last year's entry Knock Off's and Snake Bites was one of my favorites. She's a sweet gal and a talented writer. AND we both turn forty this year. I hope she was okay with me saying that. My only problem with Amy is that she is not on Facebook yet, or if she is, she hasn't friended me. You need to get on that Amy, seriously.

Brent Billy Curtis, B. Billy to some, BBC to others, very charming. And so laid back. This guy was one of my favorite writer's from last year's contest. He brought his wife Katie, a lovely sweet woman. She reminds me of an actress, though I cannot place which one. And little Willow. She is so incredibly adorable it makes me want to have more kids. No, that's a lie, but she is a cutie, and warmed up to all us scary writers quickly. Check out Brent here and here

The man, the myth, the legend: Don Harkcom. Many have wondered about the sometimes non-pc, sometimes sexist, sometimes completely inappropriate DA. I'm here to tell you he is about the nicest, kindest teddy bear of a guy you will ever meet. And he's the bomb at Mafia Wars. Maybe some day, I'll print his picture, but for now, you'll just have to keep guessing.

So, what did we talk about? Everything, writing, ABNA, the weather, football, soccer, making movies. It didn't even matter. We had a great time. We are planning on meeting again in May, and I'm hoping more will join us. And if our mutual friend Bret Wright visits, I'm having a rager.

That's all I have. Catch you next time. Thanks for reading.


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