Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Shape of Me

Why oh why is it so hard to get into shape, but so easy to fall out of it. It takes months and months of eating right and excercise for me to feel good in my own skin, but only a week of slacking to make me feel like a total slob.

And don't even get me started on motivation. It takes me forever to get to the point where I want to excercise every day. Once I'm there, I'm good. But it only takes a couple days to fall back out of that habit.

My goal was to be in the best shape of my life by the time I hit forty. I was almost there. And then came the cruise. The cruise destroyed my entire committment to my program. The drinking, the laying around, the gluttony, made it so easy to forget all about my goals and become lazy.

Of course, the week long illness after I returned from said trip did not help either. After that, I was totally and completely out of my routine. No more excercise.

Also before the cruise, I was not eating much meat. Now that barbecue season is upon us, I'm back to being a carnivore again, in a big way, like I'm making up for those months of not having it.

So now that I feel a little softer, and a little more sluggish, and feel I have done my body a great disservice, I'm finally getting motivated again, starting slowly, but I know I'll regain some speed. It's almost motivation enough to have my Wii fitness coach remind me that I haven't been getting to my work outs regularly (I hate her).

I guess there is always forty-one.
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