Friday, May 1, 2009

Petition to God

I'm going to petition God to add five extra hours to my days. I cannot possibly get everything done in the 16 or 17 waking hours. This is my day, not necessarily in this order, but close.

1. Wake up, usually five or six am.

2. Drink coffee while playing on the computer for one to two hours catching up on two e-mail accounts, checking profiles on Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, Amazon, adding friends, adding music, update status, playing Mafia Wars (don't judge me, I'm a level 171 Master Underboss), checking blog for comments.

3. Get kids to school

4. Eat breakfast

5. Excercise

6. Shower, dress

7. Go to Starbucks

8. Query

9. Blog

10. Write

11. Film a review

12. Edit video, and create review

13. Post review

14. Eat lunch

15. Grocery shop

16. Check computer again for e-mails, Facebook

17. Plan and start dinner

18. Pick up kids from school, while waiting, read another entry to review

19. Continue to cook dinner while helping kids with homework (unless it's math, I don't do math)

20. Eat dinner

21. Hang out with husband on computer (computers play an important role in my life, obviously, maybe too big a role, is there a pill for that?)

22. Watch movie or tv with the family.

23. Collapse

So you see God, would it kill you to give me an extra five hours a day? With all I do, it would be nice to have time to take a bath, or a nap, or sit out in the sun and relax. It's not too much to ask, is it?

I recommend all of you to join me in this. Maybe if we get enough people to petition, God will come through. I mean, really, what would you do with five extra hours a day?
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