Thursday, June 18, 2009

Top 4 Pet Peeves: # 1 Bad Drivers

You know who you are.

The Tailgater. You know, you're not going to make me move any faster by riding my butt. You may however cause an accident if for some reason I slam on my brakes and then you'll have to give me a nice settlement.

The Weaver. Do you really accomplish anything doing this? I mean, really. You do this and pass like a million people, and then guess what, I see you at the next stop light. Not worth it.

The Passing Lane Driver. Get over all ready, you're holding up traffic. There is no reason to be in that lane unless you are PASSING people. If you are not passing people, move to the right.

The Speedster. I'm not talking five miles over, but serious speeding. What makes your time more valuable than mine? In fact, what makes your time more valuable than my life? We all have places to be, and we'll all get there alive if you just slow the hell down.

The Road Rager. Um, you're just scary, and if you get that mad because I accidentally cut you off, you probably shouldn't be driving, seriously. You might have a heart attack or something.

The Drunk Driver. Call a cab before you kill yourself or someone else.
Thanks for reading my Top 4 Pet Peeves this week. Tomorrow is Friday Free For All. I can't wait to see what I write about, can you? As always, feel free to comment, question, or follow.

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