Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Top four worst experiences in school: # 3 MB

MB is a set of initials for the grossest, meanest, filthiest child in all of Skyline Elementary School. A freckle faced kid, with flaming red hair, this boy tortured me from kindergarten until he left the school, I think in 4th grade. And I was lucky enough to have him in my class just about every year.

He made me cry so hard in kindergarten that I passed out.

He knew things no elementary school child should know, and was determined to share his knowledge with me. (I shudder thinking back, and wonder what the hell went on in his house).

He spit on his desk and licked it up.

He invited me to a birthday party once, and I was distraught over it. I needed an excuse. Luckily, I remembered I had Bluebirds that day. I even squeezed into my too small Bluebirds dress to prove I had something else to do. Toward the end of the day, a message came over the loud speaker. "Bluebird troop (pick a number, I don't remember) has been cancelled for this afternoon."

He walked by me and said, "I guess you can come to my party now." I cried all the way home, and probably passed out because I do not recall attending his party.

A year after he left our school, he happened to be in the neighborhood playing with the neighbor boys, who were also friends with my brother. So, unfortunately, they ended up at our house in the backyard. My mom told me, "Why don't you go outside and play with them?" Yeah mom, great idea!

Although I didn't want to, I did anyway. First thing that kid says to me is, "God, you got ugly." Ran back in the house crying. Yep. I'm sure I have other fond memories of MB that I have repressed for obvious reasons.

I hated him. I'm sure he turned out to be a nice guy. On second thought, maybe not.
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