Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Off on a Tangent

Sorry but no top four this week. I got lazy yesterday after writing about, say, one line, and gave up.

As many of you know, I've been doing these book reviews lately, especially after becoming a vine reviewer for Amazon.com. I did one last week, and posted the review on Amazon, as well as facebook, and youtube. On my youtube video, I received this comment.

"Gosh, I think this was a great satire on book critics. Not only do I think the book is extremely effective, but I cannot think of a worse critic for this type of youthful material. Allison Burnett may be an "older guy" but he most certainly relates to 17 year-old young women. I just hope all your review have those bizarre angles of your living room and house."

Okay, aside from the idiocy and ridiculosity (my new word) I focused on the "worst critic" comment. What makes someone a good critic for a book. This poster is a 21 year old male. Is he a better critic for this book than me? It's YA, okay, he's got one on my there, but it's also from a female perspective, a blogger to be exact. Hmmmmm...

Number 1, I have been doing book reviews for two years now. Some of them are excerpts of books, but I try to be thorough and fair.

2) I'm female, I was once a young adult, I'm a blogger, I have teen daughters. I think that gives me some perspective when it comes to books like this, don't you?

3) I LOVE YA lit. I've read loads of books and loved them, Jay Asher, the Twilight Series, Narnia, HP, Elizabeth Scott, etc, etc, etc.

4) I look at all aspects, character (which I hated), storyline (which was intriguing), dialogue (which was inconsistent), writing (which was good). I don't judge on just one or the other, I take the work as a whole.

I did not like the book. Had I been judging it solely on my personal preference, I probably would have given it a much lower rating. BUT, I did keep in mind that this book is not for 40 year old women, it's for YA's. Young adults, and they would like the subject matter about blogging, and sex, and drinking, and drugs. So I gave it higher marks.

And the ending sucked. Period.

So, am I qualified to review this? Should only people in the target audience be reviewing stuff like this? What do you think?

Check out the review if you want http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxCvKZ0Xdx4
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