Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random things I want.

Since I'm not doing a top four list this week, I thought I would post some random thing that I would like.

I would like a garden without weeds, spiders, and other disgusting bug.

I would like all the computers and computer equipment in my house not being used to magically disappear, so I don't have to dispose of them myself.

I want a walk in closet.

I would like a storage room, shelves lining the walls for all my random crap.

I want to see Rome again.

I want my kids to be done with the monstrosity swing set in the back yard so I can get rid of it.

I want more hours in the day.

The ability to run.

I want to be 15 pounds lighter and have a six pack.

My own beach place.

One of the best agents in the business and a killer publishing contract with the biggest publisher in the world.

The ability to create a brilliant novel without having to edit.

That about sums it up. Maybe.
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