Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top Four Worst Things About Having Kids in Middle School # 1 Sex

Sixth graders having sex. Can you imagine? I never even thought about it until, well, never mind. My eighth grader has come to me with more questions that I ever thought I would have to answer at this age. I will not repeat them, as some of them are a bit, er, graphic. I've been open and honest with her, told her the true answers to everything she's asked. And she says, "Ew" or "Why would someone DO that?" So at least there's that.

My daughter has known of two pregnant eighth graders in her time in middle school.

Apparently, many kids start experimenting in middle school. And, um, some do a little, and some do a lot. And some do things I've never even heard of. My daughter has told me things and I go, "Ew." Can you say Icy Hot? Ugh. The kids she's told me about, they are also the ones experimenting with drugs and alcohol as well, so they seem to go hand in hand.

Now I'm starting over again with the sixth grader. I think she will be way more disturbed than my eighth grader ever was.

The thing is, we talked about sex, and drugs, and things like that before they started middle school, and they're coming home with questions I never thought I would have to cover. So, if your kids have not reached middle school age yet, be prepared for some hard questions. Talk to them BEFORE they enter those doors. Talk about pregnancy, and STD's, relationships. I find the most important thing is the open communication. No, I really DON'T like answering those questions, but I'd rather they hear it from me than find out on their own one way or another.
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