Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Addictions, vices, and whatever gets you through...

Do you have one? two? three? What are they?

I have my share. I was going to drop them all at once, but thought for the safety of my family, that was probably not the best idea. I get kind of grumpy when dropping my vices. Ended up, none were cast off.

And then I had a revelation this morning. Not so much a revelation as a slap in the face or maybe even a punch in the nose. One of them HAS to go.

There are certain things that take you over. They creep up silently like death. At first, it's just a tease. But quickly becomes part of you, possessing you like a demon.

And you wonder how you let it get this far out of control. You try and tame the beast, but it's hard. But you have to keep trying. If you don't, you know one day it will destroy you.

So, I'm trying again. It's all I can do.

But the coffee stays.

Kisses :*

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