Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tell me where is fancy bred, in the heart or in the head?

Many of us might know this quote from Willy Wonka (loves me some Willy Wonka) but it originates from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. It poses a good question. Where is fancy bred? Now, by fancy, Shakespeare means love. So do we love with our emotions, or do we love with our head?

I think it depends on what kind of person you are, do you rationalize yourself into love, or do you throw yourself in?

There are those that think before they leap where love is concerned, weigh the pros and cons, do they have a job, a car , a house? Is there extra baggage involved, an ex, children? And only when they weigh these things out will they open their heart.

I happen to be an emotionally driven person. When I fall, I fall hard, without thinking, without stopping, without blinking, without even breathing. The love comes from your very core, your very soul, and drives you.

In many ways, I think the rationalizing of love may be easier in the long run, especially if the relationship were to end. You could throw all those cons you came up with before and rationalize your way out again.

However, if your feelings are in control, it's difficult. You feel pain, loss, regret, heartbreak, emotional death. I'm not saying those that fall in love using their head don't feel these things, I just don't think it's as intense.

Now, if you read on in The Merchant of Venice, it says that fancy is bred in the eyes, meaning, first we love the beauty before we love the person. I don't necessarily agree.

So where is fancy bred for you?


Anonymous said...

I think fancy is bred in the eyes, but then it causes us to breed fancy elsewhere, the more we learn about this said person

Craig Tockman said...

Thanks for the explanation. I always wondered what Wonka was talking about.

Generic Viagra said...

I think that it is in the head because all the things that we decide , the final decision is taken by the brain, in our heart we only have feelings and other things.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You forgot Andrew Jackson’s Big Block of Cheese with nary a macaroni in sight.

Anonymous said...

I take fancy is not love of a person rather an ideal or believe in something. loyality or pride in the faith of a moral fortitude. following throught using your head but lead by the heart.

Michele said...

Very well put together.

Bryce said...

Thanks for helping with my thesis!

In what hands does good judgment lay? To Shakespeare using ones heart to make decisions is always better than using ones brain. A decision made by the heart is much more humane and lead to good fortune. Things that logically make sense, although they mights seem to be the just and right decision, can sometimes lay uneasy in the heart. This is something that is strongly enforced in “The Merchant of Venice”. Within the play there are multiple love interest and decisions that are made based of feelings and emotions. On the other hand there are people who seem emotionally detached from others who logically tackle a problem, but this cold-hearted decision making often lead to a bad ending. Whether a decision is make based on love or logic is based on the person. Whether the person rationalizes love like Shylock, or goes all in like Antonio and many others that end up with a happy ending. “Tell me where is fancy bred, in the heart or in the head” (quote info.). This quote ask the question that Shakespeare answers through out the play. It makes the audience think about the idea mercy versus justice, thought versus emotion, love versus logic.

Anonymous said...

I find fancy bread in the silence. In the moments where words don't matter or are not necessary. Fancy bread is listening to the rain cuddled deep in the duvet on cold Sunday mornings. Fancy bread is in the eyes but not how they appear but how they look at you. Fancy bread is holding hands in the cinema and sneaking in a kiss in when no one is looking. Fancy bread takes time but waits for no one. Fancy bread is growing in the difficult time and devouring the good times. Fancy bread is what you make it but what is most important is that you make it at all. Ravage it, hold it, consume it. Fancy bread is the best thing there is and is absolutely free.

Truth is Paramount. said...

In the heart, it is bred. all else is not's partnership!

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