Friday, March 26, 2010

If I Wasn't Writing...

I want to thank Lisa McLellan for my blog topic today. My brain is pretty much fried, so I didn't want to do a lot of thinking. I've been considering getting a job to help with the bills, and so far, you know, I love the writing, but right now, it doesn't pay. So, these are the things I've been considering.

Book store. This is pretty much self explanatory. Surrounded by literature, and hopefully coffee. That is all.

Newspaper girl. I get up early anyway, so why not deliver some newspapers? Easy money.

That person that dances on the street corner holding a sign for places like Little Caesars or Subway. Yep. Let's see, I get to be outside, I get to listen to music all day, I get to act like an idiot. All pluses if you ask me.

Video production. I already do this pretty much for free for anyone that asks me too. I have done vacations, weddings, sports, etc. And for the equipment I have, I'm pretty good. And I could make loads of money.

Writing. I know, silly right? But there are tons of places on line that will pay you to write. You don't make a ton, but if you write enough, you will make something. I've looked into it and haven't quite found my niche, but I'm still looking.

My dad's law firm. I could always beg for a job.

That's it. I don't want a lot of responsibility and I don't want full time. I still would want to write and hang out with my kids.

What would you do?
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