Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Middle Schoolers: Boys

Middle school boys and the girls that love them.

Ugh. Thing One who is now in 8th grade, has not had a boyfriend up until now. She was never interested. She was into soccer and her grades. Yeah, um, not so much any more. Well, let me clarify, she still loves soccer, and is very good at it, the grades, we're going to have to work on that. While she excels in class and with her homework, she has not tested well, which brings her grade point average down. I believe this is due to her more active social life.

The cool thing now is to go to Wheels, the local skating rink. Is there any actual skating done? I know Thing Two skates, Thing One, no. She hangs out, and giggles, and gossips, and I've come to find out, her boyfriend can be found there on any given Friday night. A boyfriend I've never met. A boyfriend my husband has already dug a hole for in the garden. He's a 6th grader, but according to Thing Two, he's hot.

Thing Two is a different story all together. She's obsessed with the idea of having a boyfriend. She's desperate for one. She's even asked boys out, which in 6th grade I have no idea what this means. Mom how do I look? Mom am I pretty? Mom why don't I have a boyfriend? I say all the things a mom should say (and it's not a lie, she's adorable, but men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses). I try to tell her to focus on soccer, and basketball, and school (and she should because getting good grades does not come easy for her). But all her friends have boyfriends. sigh.

It is so hard to teach a girl that having a boyfriend doesn't define who they are. But, I was there once. I was boy crazy, but these days, it scares me. The kids these days are way more advanced then I was when I was their age. And the technology age doesn't help matters with sexting and the like. ugh.

What do you do? You support them, talk to them honestly, which usually scares the hell out of them, you own all their passwords to all their accounts, email, facebook, hi5, etc, and you do random checks on their text messages. It's all we can do aside from lock them in a tower until their 30 (which my husband would do in a heartbeat).

That's all until tomorrow, when I talk about ATTITUDE.



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