Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Recreation

Yesterday I talked about the Creation of a story, today I will talk about the Recreation of a story.

When you've gone from start to finish, it's time to start over again...and again...and again...and again. And when you think it's perfect, go through it again. And then you let others read it, and you go through their comments, and change what you think needs changing.

and then, guess what? You do it again.

The book I've worked the most on to perfect, Mending Fences, I've done twelve rewrites/edits. And you know what? I'm starting another. And every time you go through it, you'll find mistakes, and things that need changing.

I've added characters, cut characters, added and cut scenes, made it more literary, less literary, added more action, changed the ending, changed the beginning, etc. etc.

A tip I have when you revise, is I change the name as if it's a new version of software. So right now I'm on Mending Fences 13.0. I have Dena Powers 3.0, What Gets You In 2.o, and Lockdown 2.0. It makes it less confusing when trying to find the right version of what you're working on.

Writing/revising is a never ending process. Eventually you have to stop of course, otherwise you'll make yourself crazy. It's hard though, to reach the point when you say, "okay, I think it's finally done."
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