Thursday, March 11, 2010


No, not that kind of submission.

So, you landed an agent. They want you to make a few changes. A few, HAHAHAHAHA, it is to laugh. Okay, they want you to make MAJOR changes. Some of them want this before they will even sign you, some of them, if they really don't see any major flaws with the manuscript will sign you before the changes (if you're lucky). Remember, save your manuscripts under different names (1.0, 2.0, or whatever floats your boat) just in case you make changes and they decide they like the previous version better.

I had an agent for Dena Powers: Superhero? She was a sweet girl with high hopes and big dreams. She had interned at a NY agency after graduating college.

I had to put together a cover letter, manuscript, and author photo for my publisher submissions. Plus I (we did this together) had to research and find out what they wanted from agents. I paid the printing, I paid the shipping. I'm sure this must be standard. (maybe not?)

We sent out to about fourteen total. We heard back from three when my agent quit the business. So, that's my experience subbing to pubs. Not ideal. Maybe other's experiences have been different/better.

Of course, having looked back at the manuscript a couple months ago, I said to myself WTF? No wonder they didn't take it. It needs serious work.



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