Friday, April 9, 2010

Hotel HELL!!

May as well talk about hotels since this has been a vacation blog week.

I remember from a long time ago, my family traveled to Washington DC. I think I was 8 or 10 at the time. I found a big bug in the bathroom. This is my curse, to find strange big bugs in hotel bathrooms. I don't like bugs. Looking back, I think it might have been a cockroach, but I'm not sure. Then after swimming in the pool there, I got a big black tick in my side. Not fun for a girl who doesn't like bugs.

Strange, after staying in a dump in Texas, my oldest daughter got a tick behind her ear. We kept that one and put it under the microscope. Those things are gross *shudder*. That hotel was gross too, thanks Dad (kidding Dad, well, not about the hotel, but I appreciated the trip).

Same trip (prior paragraph was on the way back from Oklahoma, this one, on the way to) we get off our plane in Texas, we already have a hotel booked. We grab our rental car and start driving and thus begins the torrential downpour. It was raining so hard, we literally couldn't see two feet in front of us. We were driving so slow, not knowing where the car ahead of us was. And forget finding our booked hotel in an unfamiliar city.

Then the clouds parted and we saw god. Okay, kidding, we saw a Holiday Inn sign, so we immediately got off the freeway (I did mention we were on the freeway, right?) Apparently the state of Texas gets that kind of rain only about once a year, and we found it. We were given rooms on the 14th floor. We had no idea the indoor pool was on our floor, oh, wait, that isn't a pool, that's a giant puddle in the middle of our hallway. I'm not a praying person, but I prayed that the 14th floor would not collapse sending us to our deaths that night.

That's probably enough hotel horror stories. I'm sure I could come up with more like the crappy cabin in Grayland where the front door didn't lock, or reserving a room at Edgefield McMenamins for the wrong day and not knowing until getting there (they gave us what's called the "oh shit" room, thank god, or Rusty would never have forgiven me).

What are your Hotel Hell experiences?

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