Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Caregivers of the World: Grandparents

They are like the fill ins.  Always there when you need them, even at a moment's notice.  Free baby sitting.

They come with some rules though.

1) Your children MUST not resist cheek pinches.

2) You must be willing to let your kids eat candy, and other crap that will either make them fat, rot their teeth, or give them a sugar high lasting weeks.

3) You must always expect them to come home with something be it a new toy, clothes, money, or cookies.

4) You must expect and accept that your kids may watch TV or play on the computer all day.

5) You must expect that there will be things that they can do and Nana and Papa's that you don't allow them to do at home.

6)  Once they return to your care, you will hear them say, but Nana let's me.  How come we can't ___________(fill in the blank i.e. go out to dinner) we always do and Nana and Papa's.

However, you can also expect them to receive, hugs, kisses, and unconditional love.  And that is something no other babysitter can offer.


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