Friday, June 4, 2010

F³A: Everything Under the Sun

Well since it's the Friday Free For All and I have nothing really to talk about I'm just going to talk about everything. :)

We had a day of sunshine yesterday.  Yay us!!!!  And we're back to rain and gray.  And yes, I know I live in the rainiest place on the planet, but I always have and always will.  There is much to admire about the Pacific NW, it's green and clean.  I'm a car drive away from lakes, mountains, oceans, rivers, waterfalls, and a couple national parks. 

Thing One's school soccer season ended yesterday with a 6-0 win.  They only lost one game, 1-0 which was a bunch of crap because our goalie had the ball and a girl on the other team basically shoved her into the goal.  I think Thing One score 4 or 5 goals during the season, and she had a bunch of assists.  Awesome.

Thing Two's arms is healing well, she seems to have full mobility now.  We're trying to get her into contacts for the upcoming soccer season, but she's not taking to it well.  Anyone have any tricks for getting contacts in your kid's eye?

Finally got a book review out yesterday, I seem to have lost the ability to put videos on my blog, as the video button appears to be gone.  Anyone have a solution for that?  Can I embed a code or something?

This cool cat Amy Munday does what she calls  Writer's Scribbles on her Unabashed Impropriety blog, and this weeks featured author is yours truly, check it out here, leave a comment.  Also, she's looking for other authors to feature, if you're interested, let her know.  Tell her Megan sent you.

Also, I am embarking on a new blog venture.  More later on that, though I can tell  you, it's going to be awesome.

Here's a little snippet from the dystopian I'm working on, just to tease you. ;)

     Exiting, I strolled down the hall to another door and opened it, a linen closet.  The next door led to a bathroom.  It was filthy, caked thick with grime and mold.  Mystery fluids, more than likely blood and vomit were splashed across the walls, and the floor.  I opened the cabinet below the sink and found Lysol, disinfectant wipes, glass cleaner, tile cleaner, a sponge, and paper towels.  I wiped everything down, spotless, threw the garbage on the floor, and walked across to the last room.  The girl’s room.
     I approached the soiled bed and removed the rest of the bedding.  I went downstairs, through the mudroom, and the back door, I dropped the sheets to the ground.  Entering the barn, I looked around for something to put water in.  Most of the tools were old, and peeling.  After scouring shelves, and bins, I found a bucket.  One of the old metal kind, with a rusted and squeaky handle.  It was quite a walk down to the pond, and having to navigate through the overgrown grass and brush made it no easier.  Once at the pond, I stopped and admired the scenery.  It was quite beautiful country.  Tall cedars surrounded the property, standing guard like wooden sentries, blue sky hanging over like a canopy.      
     Squatting down, I filled the bucket.  Staring into the murky brown mass, I wondered if we’d ever have running water again.  I missed running water, doing dishes in them, showering.  I was tired of pool water, and pond water, and rainwater.  Tired of boiling it until it was okay to wash in, to drink.  I rose and carried the bucket to the house, it sloshed and splashed all the way, sprinkling my legs, my shoes.
     I put the bucket down outside the back door, went in and retrieved the propane stove, a stockpot, and boiled the water.  I had some cleaning to do.  Once the water boiled and cooled, I poured half of it back in the bucket followed with some laundry detergent, grabbed the sponge from the bathroom, and went into the little girl’s room.  I poured a generous amount of water onto the mattress and began scrubbing.  I don’t know how long I scrubbed, it could have been five minutes, an hour, but the stains persisted, lingering like a scar in the flesh.  A reminder of what once used to be, a family, a life, and now death.

That's all you get.  You can let me know what you think if you like.

Current song on my iPod: Winter by Joshua Radin

Book currently on my nightstand: Charlaine Harris, Dead Until Dark, though still reading Alchemy by my friend and total hottie (he loves it when I say that), Mike Wood

Current Watch: A Serious Man, started it last night.  Will finish it tonight.  Loves me some Joel Coen.

Quotes of the week: 

"The Sun is nature's Prozac" ~ Astrid Alauda

"In the sun I feel as one" ~ Kurt Cobain

"I am solar powered" ~ Megan Bostic ;)



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