Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Facebook Ruins Relationships

Okay, I never do this, because I mostly think he's an idiot, but I watched Dr. Phil yesterday because it was all about how social networking distracts relationships.

This has been an issue with my husband and I for a couple years now, and while I admit, during the first ABNA contest I got a little too caught up in the forum, now I mostly (yes mostly, but not entirely) use social networking for just that, networking.

And yes, perhaps I was caught up with Facebook when I first joined, but you could ask any of my Facebook friends now and they will say, Megan is hardly ever on their anymore.

There was a woman and her husband on the show, and she spent more time with Facebook than she did with them.  They were like strangers living under the same roof.  That said, it's obvious that there were problems before the Facebook, and this is the reason why she turned to social networking in the first place.  Something lacking at home, making her turn to others.

The show wasn't just about that, it was also about how men will use Facebook to "hook up".  One guy, who wasn't really all that, said he finds women to hook up about three times a week and his goal is to sleep with 13,000 women.  Ew. Why?  So anyway, protect your daughters people.  They are some strange people in the social networking world.

I also read a book about Facebook addiction, which I will be reviewing some time in the near future.  It gave people's stories about how their addiction ruined their life.  While the stories were all fiction, I do believe the social networking can cause problems for people in their relationships and their work if taken too far.

What do you think?  Do you think social networking has the capability of destroying relationships?


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