Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Blogapalooza!

A chance for you to meet some exciting new writers AND score some great prizes (I only chose one if them, so disclaimer: I'm solely responsible for the knee socks, nothing more). All you have to do is read my post, (which will follow below, because I was not organized enough to post this yesterday and a new one today) and then visit the 7 bloggers below *points down* and read their entries, and try to find the common phrase used in all eight. NOTE: It WILL be a phrase, so single words like "the" or "and" don't count! Once you think you have it, email it to and you will be put into the running for a great gift "basket" comprised of prizes personally selected by the eight bloggers. A random drawing from all correct entries will be conducted one week from today, with special preference given to those who choose to follow all eight of us!"


Bad Boys Can Be Fun

Be careful, we might try to trick you.

This whole contest thing is new to me.  I’ve thought about it, but really, what do readers want to win? The idea that they didn’t want to win a bunch of crap, plus the fact that I was under deadline, soccer season is in full swing, I hadn’t even been blogging on a regular basis, my involvement in the Class of 2K11  takes up a lot of my time, aside from work, driving me kids around, cooking, cleaning, etc.  I told my friend Mike, whose idea this was, absolutely positively not.  My friend Gae, who I’m sure you all know by now also said no.  He said Gae was off the hook, but I had to participate.  When I asked why he said, “because Gae scares me.”  How do you like them apples?  Eventually I was okay with it, really.  I just had to post a blog, using a choice phrase, plus, I knew the prize I was giving was tres cool.

So, since this whole contest idea started, I have finished my revisions, one soccer season has ended (the school season for one child, both girls are still playing outside school), but I’m pretty much still doing everything else up there.  *points up, cringing and yawning* But I still had to get this post off for the contest.  So even though there’s not much rhyme or reason to it, here I am blogging about the contest.

But right now, I really must go.  I have to get my kids, try and write some nanowrimo stuff, and I’m going to a wine tasting party tonight.  Haven’t even thought about what to cook for dinner.  What do you think?  Yellowtail tuna, red herring, blue cheese burger, or maybe just a green salad?



PS, don’t forget to vote for my video.  Only six days left.
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