Monday, December 20, 2010

Manic Monday

My friends think I'm dead.

Okay, maybe not literally.  But I've been a wisp of a person lately on my usual haunts.  I say on because I'm talking my friends on Facebook and email mostly because they're the ones I talk to daily.  I've actually not seen many of my tangible friends lately either.


Because I'm busy,  way more busy than I'd sometimes like to be.  Between kids, and paid work, new side biz, and writing, and now with the holidays and copy edits, and 2k11, every day is a blur of non stop non stoppiness (yes it is too a word!).

Still trying to figure how to balance it all without having my head explode.  I think once the holidays pass, I'll be able to handle it better. *fingers crossed*

So what's on your plate?  Big projects? Edits? Writing?
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