Friday, April 1, 2011

F³A: Rollercoastering

Life is full of ups and downs, and this week has been no different.  Of course is started out fab because I was in the sunny city of Scotsdale AZ with my mom and Thing One and Thing Two.  The last day of vacation however I started to crash.  I was missing someone important in my life and I was probably dreading coming home to the rain and gray that I knew awaited me in the wet but beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Yesterday  in itself was a rollercoaster.  I woke up to find out my novel, Never Eighteen, was available for pre-order on Amazon.  But was still crashing from being back in the rain, and having a few feelings of jealousy and "I suck" (it happens with us writers), and other icky feelings I needed to Shake off.   And my auction item on Write Hope only got two bids.  Not sure if it's because it's the second week and everyone who knows about the auction is tapped out (I know I am) or if no one is in need of a book trailer (it's the biggest part of my piece, also a signed arc and query critique.  It's still there if anyone is interested.)

Now it's Friday.  And I'm hoping today is better than yesterday because, well, it's Friday, I can look forward to a weekend of writing and planning a marketing strategy, work on video, which I love to do, and watch Things One and Two play soccer, which I love, win or lose.

So, until Monday I'm off the rollercoaster (fingers crossed) which is good because I was starting to get dizzy.

Until then Bloggy friends.


Oh, can't forget the weekly nibbles:

Random iPod shuffle song:  Bruno Mars, Grenade.  Many musicians I know have a musicians crush on Bruno because he's so talented.  I just have a regular old crush on him for other reasons.

Book of the week:  Deadline by Chris Crutcher.  I read this because it was similar to my own novel.  It was amazing.  Highly recommended.

Movie of the Week: Billy Elliot.  I had never seen this until the past weekend.  One word, Amazing.

Quote of the Week: Life is a roller coaster. Sometimes you're at the top of the hill feeling good. Other times your heading for the bottom feeling totally out of control. Life is full of things that are hard to handle, but you can get through them.
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