Tuesday, April 26, 2011

T is for Timeworn: MySpace

Is MySpace dead?  I want your opinions.  I was thinking about my myspace page sitting there gathering cobwebs and wondering, do people still go there.  Would it be worth revamping my page and  posting my blogs there?  Could there possibly be anyone over *there* that is not on Facebook?

I know they gave their site a face-lift (which I hate BTW) but was it enough to stir up a second coming?  Do any of you use myspace?

Is it worth my time to dust my page off and keep up with it?  When I do check it, which is close to never, I do have friend requests waiting for me.  So obviously SOMEONE is there, but are they all just a bunch of SPAMmers and musicians wanting to be loved, or are they people worth giving a damn about.

Give me your two cents.

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