Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thought Provoking Thursday: Marketing

I received the marketing letter from my publisher yesterday.  Talk about information overload.  That's good though.  It's very thorough.  Clearly states what I should be doing.  What they will be doing for me.  Even with the online stuff I'm already doing, there's more.  I believe I will have no life for the rest of the year, probably longer.

Although I'm on Facebook, Twitter, I blog, I have a website, it's not enough.  There are certain things I must do on those sites to maximize my online presence.  Update often, host stuff (I don't know what yet)

Is that so bad?
There's swag, and since I have a little experience with graphic design, I'm going to design my own, bookmarks, buttons, postcards, and stickers. (and whatever else there is to create).

There are many events to attend.  Book signings, festivals, conferences.  I can also try and do school visits.

And of course I'm a member of the Class of 2k12, so I'm pretty much double marketing.

I need to find some balance, to do all this, keep up with my writing, give my kids some attention, and go to my day job.

It seems exhausting and impossible, but others have done it, so I think I can too.

Back to it.  Laters.

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