Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Writing Wednesday: Untitled

I had originally called this three names that were already taken, so, for now it's untitled.  But here's just a bit, as I don't have much on it yet.

He stands up, closes the fridge door and says, “Sissie, who’s your friend?”  I’m mesmerized to the point that I don’t even realize he’s called Sarah, Sissie.  He’s the most perfect, most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen.  Okay, maybe perfect wasn’t quite accurate.  I’m sure anyone else would notice the tiny scar on his right cheek, or the couple of hairs on his head that don’t seem to lay quite right.  They’d probably notice that he limps just slightly when he walks and his feet are abnormally large.  But not me.  Okay, well yes I did, but to me he was flawed to perfection.
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