Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thought Provoking Thursday: Relationships

Here I was going to talk about rude people today after an incident at Starbucks yesterday morning, then something threw a monkey wrench in it.

Relationships, they're kind of funny, right?  And I'm not just talking romantic relationships, I'm talking about friendships too.  Sometimes they just don't, shouldn't, or can't work, no matter how you might feel about a person.  Things can just get in the way, work, kids, time, emotions, things out of your control.

I think we take some of our relationships in life for granted.  We expect that person will always be there for us, then one day *poof* they're gone, for whatever reason, they move, they die, they move on.  Even if you think you see it coming, or expect it, the gravity of it still hits hard, makes your heart ache.

The book I'm writing now, that happens to my main character a lot.  People are constantly leaving her life for whatever reason.  She struggles because of it.  And I felt bad doing all these terrible things to her, but I didn't really know how she felt.  I do now.

Don't take for granted that someone will always be there for you.  You may get blindsided.

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