Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Theme Day

Theme interests me.  I like to see what kind of things repeat themselves in writer's stories.  I have a new one I hadn't noticed before.  Skateboarding.  I remember in the first book I wrote, I superhero series (some of you may remember it from ABNA) there was a skateboarding character.  Then in Never Eighteen, one of Austin's best friends is a skateboarder. 

Now in Sad, my main character Syd, is an avid skateboarder, along with her friend Zach.

I'm not really sure where the skateboarding theme came from.  I guess I've always been interested in skateboarding.  I like to watch it on TV.  It looks so freeing.  I've always wanted to try it, but I think I may be too uncoordinated (and maybe a little too old now).

Bob Biniak, original Dogtown Z-Boy
And I LOVED Lords of Dogtown.

Plus, when I was younger, I kind of liked the skater boys.  So there's that.

Tell me about one theme that reoccurs in your writing?

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