Friday, August 5, 2011

F³A: Illness, Injuires, and simply ranting

Tiring, tiring, frustrating, annoying, ugly week.

Sunday Thing Two was as a baseball game with her Dad.  They'd ridden their bikes there.  Tacoma has  minor league baseball team, the Tacoma Rainiers.  So, anyhoo, the seats belong to my dad's law firm, and they're awesome, third baseline, close to home plate, row, like, 5 or something.  One of the players pops up a foul ball and it hits Thing Two in the arm. Yep, you guessed it, broken.

So I'm out of town, right?  My parents called and told me because they were at the game as well. I'm frustrated, worried, can't do anything about it.  I call her, she was okay, but at urgent care getting it looked at (this was before we knew it was broken).

My dad tried to get a hold of her, but not answering her phone, so then I have to field a million calls (mostly Monday morning when I was trying to write my last chapter) as the go between with my parents and my kid and her dad.  It was a bit frustrating and annoying.  My asks me, how come she never answers her phone.  I in turn call her and ask her why she doesn't answer her phone when papa calls or texts.  She's like, I didn't get a phone call.

After about a million back and forths, we find out that my dad has her old cell number. sigh.  So doc says it's a greenline fracture (or something like that) and she needs to see an ortho.  I have to get a prescription filled and it takes me two days to find out who said ortho is and make an appointment.

It's actually her dad's week, but she and Thing One stay with me a couple nights.because I was gone over the weekend.

SO (new story, but in my mind related) Thing One has a friend from out of town, so she wants to have a few friends over at MY house (even though it's dad's week)  It's fine, she only invites three people (This was yesterday btw).  Thing Two comes in and says her eye has been red and sore for two days.  She wears contacts so I said, maybe you just scratched your cornea or something.

I make a doc appt (hoping to make it for Friday because her dad has the day off, but they had an opening yesterday so it seemed best to take her in ASAP).  3:30 we're at the regular doctor.  He thinks it's a scratch, but wants to send us to an ophthalmologist.

First of all, I stand waiting and the reception desk for about five minutes before I'm helped.  I'm already stressed, annoyed, this doesn't help.  Finally I sit down to fill out paperwork (this is a new doc for us).  Have I mentioned yet I've had to go to the bathroom for about a half hour at this point?

So I'm filling out paperwork, and they have this toy in the waiting room, which is the most annoying toy on the face of the earth, being used by the most annoying kid on the face of the earth.  The thing makes loud grinding noised, which the kid continues to do over and over and over and over and over again. Plus there's a TV in the waiting room which is turned up to about 5 million decibels.

When we finally get in to see the doctor, it takes so long cobwebs are starting to form from my chin to my lap.  And to top off the annoyingness, they're playing MUZAK.  LOUD.  At this point I want to kill someone and I'm starting to think the staff in that office hates people.

I finally decide I'm going to pee my pants, and go to the bathroom.  Guess what.  No toilet paper.  Just glad I hadn't sat down yet.  Go get some, pee.

We finally see the doc, she has an eye ulcer.  We get a prescription.  He says, you need to start this right away, and no generics.  This is the best.  Head to pharmacy.  They don't have it.  They call four stores.  I sit in my car at the drive up window and play bubble buster on my phone.  No one has it, in fact, the manufacturer doesn't make it anymore.

At this point I'm starting to starve to death.

First I wonder why the hell a doctor would prescribe an rx not being make anymore, then I call them.  Office closed.  By that time I'd invested about three hours of my life I couldn't get back. I decide fuck that it's not even my week. (excuse my french). Remember, Dad has today off. I pick up Thing One who has not completely cleaned up after her party even though I told her that to have a party she was responsible for cleaning up.  I wait for her to clean.  I take them home, write Dad a novel about what needs to happen (because he's not there) and I leave.

I don't starve to death.  I eat two hotdogs and have a glass of pomegranate wine.  Then I lock myself in my room with Aaron Eckhart for the rest of the night.

I've decided that my blog will go back to just ranting, because I think that's what my readers like.


I leave you with the Friday Nibbles:

Random Pandora Song: They Move On-Tracks of Never Ending Light by This Will Destroy You

Book of the Week: I've not read a damn thing in ages.  So I'm going with my own book, Sad, which I finished the first draft of on Monday.  Tagline: A Story of Loss, Loathing, and Lacerations.

Movie of the Week: Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. Watched it again this week.  It never gets old for me. and I love Michael Cera.

Quote of the Week: "Some days, there isn't enough Xanax." ~ Megan Bostic
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