Monday, September 19, 2011

Monkey Madness Monday

Yep Monkey Madness Monday.  I don't have much for you today.  Had a busy weekend.  A long walk in the rain, two soccer games (one on an island so there were two ferry rides involved making it an all day event).  Not a good weekend for area sports.  Both girl's teams lost and my Hawks *shakes head*. 

Teachers are still on strike.  We're going to feel it at the end of the year.  Which as my older daughter says doesn't matter because the weather doesn't even get nice until July.

And I believe Fall is officially upon us, even though the temperature seems to be having hot flashes.  It was really humid here yesterday.  That mixed  with my own hot flashes doesn't bode well.

I didn't do my housecleaning like I wanted over the weekend.  Too much going on plus I've just been so tired.  And there's so much to do and the weather caught up with me.  A shed still needs to be built, a pool drained, There's a badminton set getting soaked and I'm afraid to move it because I'm sure there's a family of earwigs living under it now. sigh.

I need a vacation.  Maybe a weekend of solitude at the beach again.

Happy Monday all.
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