Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday, Total BItch Day

So yesterday I got a little postal.  It was just one aggravating thing after another until I though my head would explode. I want to tell you a situation and you tell me if I'm a total bitch or not.  K?  Here we go.

I was driving my daughter to  a friends house at about 6:40 am because it's Spirit Week this week and she needed a life jacket to wear to school.  I'm driving up a street and in front of me is a school bus, lights on, stop paddle out.

So, of course, I stop.  The lift is down, not on the street side of course, it's on the sidewalk right in front of a house, so I can tell a disable child is going to be entering the bus.  She comes out, her mother following behind, they get her on the lift.  All this has taken a few minutes, maybe 3 or so.  

I'm not a patient person by nature but I was fine. I understand these things take time.  Well, this started taking a LONG time, I was still fine.  This is where the irritation starts.

The bus driver waves me through.

Um, no.  I don't think so.  My luck, I'd drive through, and a cop would be sitting there just waiting to give me a ticket, plus there was a line of cars already in the other lane waiting.  Even if I wanted to pass, I couldn't.

So after the girl is situated and ready to go, the bus driver and the mother start chatting.  CHATTING!!!  Cars lined up on both sides of the street waiting. 

Um, I'm pretty sure that driver has been on that route forever and knows the drill so wasn't getting instruction.

I'm feeling a little road rage coming on, but just cuss and yell, a whole bunch, in my car so they can hear me.

The whole incident takes about ten minutes.

I guess what I'm pissed about most is that there was no chance of a child getting run over, and the bus driver was waving me by, so why the hell did she put the paddle out and lights on in the first place?  It's 6:effin' 40 in the morning!!  There were no other kids on the bus!!

Okay, my rant is over.  I'm not some horrible person against disabled people, however I guess I am against inconsiderate bus drivers.

So tell me, am I being a total bitch?
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