Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In, Christmas and some bookish things

So, I'm still down six pounds.  I'm okay with that.  the weekends seem to be my biggest challenge.  i've been exercising but not regularly, so i have to get my butt outof my seat and get on the elliptical. (as my friend gae calls it, the f*@!king elliptical).

I still would really like to lose another 20 before my release.  it will be a challenge, but i'm really going to push it.

I've decided to decorate for christmas now.  last year it took me awhile to get into the spirit.  i'm already there now. this week will be devoted to taking down the halloween stuff and decking the halls.

last thing, next stop on my blog tour is Alison can read.  It's a tens list of concerts i've been to.  very apropos since austin, my protag, loves music.

have a happy wednesday!!
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