Friday, April 6, 2012

F³A: A bunch of crap

Back from vacation. I came from sun to partially sunny with a chance of rain and gray, so it's hasn't been all bad. It's supposed to be nice this weekend, and when I say nice, I don't mean AZ 80 and sunny nice, I mean PNW 60 and sunny nice. So there's that.

It's kind of nice getting back to work on a Thursday. Then you only have two days left in the work week before the weekend, so I got that going for me too.

AZ was a blast, we went on a day trip, sat in the sun, went shopping and to the Phoenix zoo. I got to meet fellow writer Amy Fellner Dominy who is adorable and amazing. My other writer friend, Taylor McCleve came down with a horrid sinus infection, so we didn't get to meet, but I'm planning on getting back there soon, so he's doesn't get off that easy.

Another great thing about the vacation, I'm nearly done with my revisions on Dissection. I can't wait to get that thing off to my agent. I think it's pretty good. Pray with me that she likes it. Pretty please with sugar on top. Here's me playing with photoshop.

I've been doing this 5k training class, and while I'm getting better, it's hard. I've never been a runner. My lungs have adjusted, but sometimes I still try too hard. I was determined to run this hill yesterday and messed up my calves. And I had to stop a couple times and stretch them out. And I was mad at myself. And I got frustrated. And I wanted to give up. But I didn't. I took off my sweatshirt, adjusted my hat, found the right song to get me going again and pushed forward. The quote of the week below, is very apropos to that moment. It can also be applied to anything we try to achieve in life though. Gail Devers is one smart cookie.

I'm pretty sure I had some other crap to write about, but now I can't remember, so I guess I'll just leave you with the Scribbles.

Random iPod shuffle song: The District Sleeps Tonight by the Postal Service

Book of the Week: Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt. Seriously, I'm almost done with this book and it is awesome.

Redbox of the week: Ides of March, just watched it last night. Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, the eye candy alone is almost worth it, but the storyline is good too.

Quote of the Week: "Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe." ~Gail Devers

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