Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting serious

Okay, I keep telling myself I need to get back in shape and it's just not happening.  We've started another biggest loser contest at work, my class reunion is coming up this summer, and I'm going to NY in June, and I'd really like to drop some extra weight I've packed on since my divorce.

I think I've pinpointed some things I need to do to help myself out. I mean, I eat pretty well, Greek yogurt for breakfast, salads for lunch, I don't eat fried foods, I stay away from red meat most the time, I don't eat fast food. I eat good carbs, good fats. I've been exercising. I've started a 5k training class and have stuck with my exercise schedule, so here are the things I think I'll have to sacrifice to make this happen.

Starbucks. Okay, I will probably not give this up entirely, but I think I'll make it a treat once a week. I'll just have to decide which day.

Eating out. I've been doing this way too much, especially since I starting the online dating stuff. I have been eating salads mostly when I've been going out, but I know even those aren't that great for you. So, no more. Plus, I need to save money too, this will help my waistline and my bank account.

*cough* wine *cough* So I like some wine sometimes. sigh. whatever.

Admittedly, none of this will happen until Thursday though, as tomorrow is my birthday and I will be celebrating. :)

That's all the stuff I can think of. Do you have any ideas?


Heather said...

Happy early birthday! And you're going to NY in June?? So am I!

My parents are trying out this diet where instead of counting calories, you count sugars. You'd be amazed how much sugar is in a cup of milk. So far it seems to be working for them.

Megan Bostic said...

Sounds like kind of a low carb thing because there are tons of sugars in carbs. I'm going to NY BEA week. I'll be there June 5-10. When will you be there?

Caroline Starr Rose said...

So cool you're training for a 5k!

Heather said...

Ahh man I wish I could go to that. I'll be there 12-17th. I don't know if you watch it, but Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory is starring in a production of Harvey.

Melissa said...

Wine is the culprit. I've been in denial for too long. My waistline, however, is undeniably suffering because of it. Had to give up the daily one or two glasses:(. Awesome that you're running! Let me know and I'll do a race with you! I'm doing my first 8k May 20th.

Megan Bostic said...

Aw Heather, sorry I'll miss you there. and Melissa, you bet. It's going to take me a bit to get up to 5k though I'm seriously a beginning runner, and yeah, the wine. sigh.

Insomniac #4 said...

You're more disciplined than me -- I can't stay on a 'diet' for more than a week and I rarely exercise. Can't imagine running a 5k but I'm sure it's very rewarding.

I've heard that the key is to gradually reduce your bad habits as opposed to dropping them 'cold turkey' all at once. Everything in moderation and all that. Staying focused is probably the hardest part and it sounds like you're doing well with that. Good luck reaching those goals, and keep us posted on your 5k training!

Megan Bostic said...

Thanks! It's working slowly. I'm down three pounds (I'm sure some of it is post Easter stuff). Every time I run, my mile improves and I'm walking less and less, so I'm getting better at it. Will keep updating.

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