Monday, April 30, 2012

Monkey Madness Monday: Love: Choice vs. Feeling

So, I had a debate the other day about Love. The argument, could you choose to love someone, or was it an inherent feeling? I'm talking about romantic love here, not the love you feel for your child or friends.

In my opinion, you cannot choose who you love. It's a feeling that comes from deep within. It's like a flower, it starts out as a tiny bud, then grows and blossoms into something big and beautiful. My opposition said you can choose who you love. I don't think you can open yourself up like that. You either love someone or you don't, you can't force yourself.

I asked two other people. One said definitely a feeling. The other said it's a choice of trust. You have to choose to trust that person and only then can you open your heart to them.

Oddly enough, the two who said love is a choice are men, the one who said feeling is a woman.

What do you think?
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