Monday, April 16, 2012

MonkeyMadness Monday: On Submission

So, after submitting three works to my agent, she's decided to pass on representing any of them. This basically means I have no representation for my option book, which is fine I suppose, because HMH has right of first refusal anyway, on my next work.

I pitched my three completed YA's to my editor at HMH and she liked the concept of all of them. Then she asked me which one I thought was the strongest. Uh...I definitely pulled Lockdown (school shooting book) off the table.

Then things got scary. Instead of submitting my freshest piece of work, Dissection, I submitted something I'd written in 2009 titled An Unbalanced Line (the book previously knows as Cheesy for those of you having followed me for a time).

Now, this is scary, not because I don't have faith in that book, I do, I think it's awesome, but I haven't even opened up that manuscript for about a year. My editor liked the concept though, thought it was a unique idea, and so that's the one we went with.

I feel like I need some kind of "thing" until I hear back like never changing my socks, or someone suggested rubbing the belly of a sock monkey every day (I may just do that).

So, if you'd cross everything possible in good luck for me, I'd sure appreciate it.  And for your viewing pleasure, a pitch for An Unbalanced Line, so you know what the heck it's about.

AN UNBALANCED LINE is the story of fourteen-year-old Chelsea “Cheesy” Reed, a total girly girl until her mother's tragic death leaves her struggling to gain the attention of a man she barely knows: her father. 

Frank Reed lives and breathes football and has always been too busy with his job as the local university’s football coach to give Cheesy much notice.  Despite doubt, ridicule and bullying, Cheesy decides to play football herself as a way to connect with her father. But, it seems the world is against her in her efforts, except for Tommy, the weird boy from math class. 

Undeterred by adversity and opposition, Cheesy pushes forward to prove to the cynics that she can do it, but most of all, to find worth in her father’s eyes.
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