Friday, May 4, 2012

F³A: No visit is a bad visit

I had a visit with a book club yesterday at a library north of me. I drove about 35 miles. In attendance, 3 kids, 1 librarian. At first I was disappointed. Then I wasn't. You know, I've already come to realize that these visits aren't always about selling books. Sometimes they're about learning what kids are reading. Sometimes they're about inspiring people. Sometimes they're about networking and connecting. But yeah, sometimes they're about selling books.

When I got there, they first talked about what they'd read. The librarian, Rosalie couldn't say enough things about a book called Trash by Andy Mulligan. She was currently reading The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers, which she found weird, but intriguing. Both two completely different books, both sounded interesting.

Then one of the girls said though she hadn't really read much in the way of books, she was doing this online interactive book call Home Stuck. It's a game that this guy made up using nothing but MS Paint. It looks interesting enough, you can find it here if you want to take a look.

The next girl had read a book called Kill You Last by Todd Strasser. It's part of what he calls a Thrillology. The book sounded pretty interesting and she said she'd put it on the "hot list". She was currently reading a book called...crap! Can't remember. Anyway, she was kind of liking it. It was called Summer Storm or something like that.

Then the lone boy said he had read the Tarzan series and talked about how the girls wouldn't like it because it was pretty sexist. He was also reading the Mars Trilogy

I talked about my book and the writing process. A few questions were asked, jokes made. Then the librarian and I talked about writing. She was an aspiring writer with a girls sports series and some contemporary fiction she had written and was trying to get published. I gave her some advice.

Then I talked about the Class of 2k12 and the Apocalypsies and told them how many great books were coming out this year in all sorts of different genres, gave them some 2k12 bookmarks and Never Eighteen swag and was on my way. 

So, if the library doesn't have my book, I'm sure they will soon. Maybe one of those kids will read it and like it. I'm sure the librarian will read it, AND I gave her some motivation (she was getting down about rejection from agents)

All in all, though a small group, not a waste of time. These visits are NEVER a waste of time.

Friday Scribbles:

Random iPod shuffle song:

Netflix of the Week: Archer Season One. This is hilarious. If you like totally inappropriate humor and cartoons, this is for you. Yeeuup!

Book of the Week: Still reading Danny Marks Velveteen and loving it! Not out until October, but I believe you  reviewers can get it on Netgalley right now.

Quote of the Week: "Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely." ~Rodin

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