Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monkey Madness Monday: Fresh Starts

How many fresh starts are we allowed in life anyway? Do you think we should be limited? I feel like I'm always starting over on something, mostly being healthy and happy in life.

Is it possible to sabotage our own health and happiness in favor of creativity? Sometimes I wonder if I do this to myself. I know that sounds horrible, but I think I may fear that if I let myself be utterly and completely happy I will use that edge that allows me to write the way I do.

The BF said maybe if I let go of that I'll be free to become an even better writer. What if he's wrong? What if I become completely blissful and I can't write another word? I'm already struggling with poetry. I have this crazy idea, which I'm keeping to myself at the moment, but involves poetry, but I'm not sure I'll be able to do it because I've not written a poem in...let's just say...awhile.  And don't get me wrong. I'm happy, but I keep that little bit of angst that give me an edge, teetering on madness, in my opinion, in a good way. lol. And really, I'd have to change the name of my blog, right? :)

Regardless of all that, I'm heading for a fresh start health wise. I ran yesterday. Something I hadn't done in a couple weeks, and while I wasn't really starting at square one, it was like two or three, so I have some work to do. And I eat well during the day and at dinner I fail. SO for this girl only good stuff. Fruit, veggies, poultry, fish, probiotics. Yep.

I think though, the bliss can wait for now.
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