Monday, June 11, 2012

Monkey Madness Monday: NYC Baby!

I went to New York City last week for BEA, Book Expo America. Although I didn't attend the event itself, I got together with fellow class members, Sarv Tash, Kim Sabatini, Lynda Mullaly Hunt, AC Gaughen, and Sarah Tregay for a couple 2k12 events during the week. (Lynda did the planning for our events and I was ever so grateful, feeling completely useless on the west coast)

We (the BF and I) flew in on Tuesday, got in about 4ish, and were at our hotel, the beautiful art deco New Yorker (where I saw my one and only cockroach, but it was waaaay in the basement and wasn't huge), by about 5. We didn't do that much, but we did walk around a little, got acquainted with our neighborhood.

First of all, our room was nice and clean and had a great view of the city, but was built by Lilliputians (at least the BF said so, as his feet hung off the end of the bed, fit me perfectly).

Here is a picture of our hotel room to the right. Yes, it's just a bed. That is pretty much what our room was aside from the tiny bathroom to the left of the bed there, a closet the size of my pinky behind from where I took the picture, and a desk, to my left. Of course, when you're in NYC, you're not going to sit in your room and hang out, you're going to explore the city, so you really don't need much space (and I wouldn't have wanted to pay for much more space).

the view from our room
We were starved, so the first thing we did was go find a place to eat. Close by. We ended up at Hudson Restaurant and Bar, around the corner from the hotel. They were serving $5 margaritas, and that didn't suck. I have no recollection of what I ordered, may have been a turkey sandwich, which is my normal fair at bars and grills.

My friend Gae Polisner (The Pull of Gravity, buy it, read it, love it) was in the city to see our mutual friend Jim King speak, and had plans to meet up with Cindy Minnich of the Nerdy Book Club, so we decided to tag along, and met at Seven on 7th. Drinks were consumed, and the three of us women bored the BF to death with all our writer/book talk. It was wonderful to see Gae again of course, and very nice to meet Cindy. Their blog just won the Independent Blogger Award. You should check it out.

After that it was time to collapse and get ready for a full day in NYC?

If any of you were at BEA, what was your favorite part? What were you looking forward to the most?

Now I leave you with one of my souvenirs I bought in the city, apropos for MMM...

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