Monday, October 8, 2012

Bully Prevention Month

Did you know it's Bully Prevention Month? It's a month long effort that encourages everyone to take an active role in the bullying prevention movement. To find out more you can visit

There are two awesome bloggers that are doing their part, Jodie from Uniquely Moi and Amy from Lady Book Stuff. They've asked a bunch of us to write guest posts about bullying and are giving away daily prizes. Today you'll find my guest post, Portrait of a Bully at Uniquely Moi. Visit their Facebook page to find out who will be up tomorrow.

Wednesday is Unity Day. If you care about students who are bullied and want bullying to end, make your color ORANGE on Unity Day, Wednesday, Oct. 10. That's the day everyone can link together—in schools, communities and online—and send one large, ORANGE message of support to students who have experienced bullying.

Ways to unite on Oct. 10 in your school, home or community:

  1. Wear the color orange. 
  2. Write the word “UNITY” on your hand, on your notebook, or on a poster to hang in your locker or hallway
  3. Set up a “unity” table.
    •  Hand out orange “unity ribbons.” (Create your own ribbons. Purchase a spool of ribbon at craft or dollar store. Cut into 12” strips. With black marker, on the ribbon, write UNITY, “The End of Bullying Begins With Me”, or create your own bullying prevention message)
    • Give the opportunity to donate for the ribbons and send the proceeds to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

  1. On Oct. 10, update your Facebook status to “UNITY DAY, October 10th— Join the movement to make it orange and make it end! If you are being bullied, you are not alone. Unite and be a champion against bullying!
  2. Share” the Unity Day event with your friends.
  3. Post pictures of anyone wearing orange to this UNITY DAY Event page
  4. Sign “The End of Bullying Begins With You” Petition.
Let's work together to help end this nationwide problem.
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