Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I need some love.

So I've been filling in at the YA Rebels this week and you know, I'm not a regular, so I need some love so I can look cool.

I spoke my mind about LGBT History Month, I carved (no I didn't I crafted, horribly I might add and you could win a prize if you "like" mine here) a pumpkin, and today I asked three dead people one question each. Maybe I'm too controversial. I don't know.

I feel okay about my other posts. I KNOW I'm not going to get as many as the OTHER Rebels because, you know, I'm just a fill in, but today I don't feel any love at all. So go love me here. Give me a thumbs up. Leave a comment. It's my last day filling in.

Okay, thinking about those on the East Coast, finishing up some revisions so I can  start on NaNo tomorrow night, and trying out some Gummy Vodka.

Night Y'all.
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