Monday, March 4, 2013

Monkey Madness Monday: Crazy

Do you ever feel like you're so completely out of your mind that you need to check yourself into a psych ward? Probably not, huh? I don't know, I've already reached rock bottom once, and I feel myself sinking again. It's not a fun place to be.

How do I swim to the surface again before the vortex sucks me down again? Here's what I'm going to do. Refocus. This last weekend I came to some conclusions, I need some time and space. I need to not spread myself so thin that it makes me crazy. I need to get some projects completed I need to focus on me. So...

I skipped an author event. Granted, after inviting me they left me off the list, so wouldn't have had my book there to sell, but it gave me the opportunity to skip out on it, which was awesome. I stayed home, I wrote, caught up on some cleaning and laundry which I hadn't done all week because I'd been so down in the dumps.

On Saturday I did the same thing.  I also went on an errand for some new kitchen towels, throwing out the old ones, and a visit to my parents.

Sunday I skipped one of my kids soccer games, which I rarely do. It was a beautiful day, so I threw in a two mile walk. I finished up the laundry, finished up the cleaning, and put together one of the five pieces of furniture that have been sitting in my garage for a few months.

Sunday was the first day in two weeks I woke up without a headache.

I also had to make some very difficult but necessary decisions. It's not easy to do and  we wonder if we're making mistakes, but sometimes, it's just the right thing for the time.

For the time being I'm going to say no. I'm going to skip things when I need to. I'm going to let my body rest when it tells me to. I'm going to finish some projects. I'm going to take my time and not set unreasonable deadlines for myself. I'm going to focus on getting my mind, heart, body and soul in order so I can propel upward and accomplish the things I want to in life before taking on any more serious commitments.

It's what's right for me.

At least for now...
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