Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bad case of the "justs"

As I was editing Dissected for the LAST time, I found an abundance of "justs." Mind you, I've editing this thing I don't know how many damn times, yet still, "justs" abound. I wonder why that is. Do people say "just" all that much? Do they think "just"? I use it in dialogue as well as internalizations.

And while we're on the subject of overused words, how about the "wells." This I use in dialogue and it starts just about every other sentence. "Well, he did this..." "Well, she said that..." WTF?

"Find---Next" became my favorite Word tool.

I cannot sing the praises of Autocrit.com enough. I think EVERY writer who is going to publish, whether traditionally or indie should utilize this program. It definitely tightens up your prose and makes for a smoother read.

Do you have words you use over and over again? What are they?

And here's a monkey since I forgot yesterday...

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