Thursday, July 25, 2013

I thought today was Friday

It's not. That's how my Thursday is starting out. So there's that.

It was Thing One's birthday yesterday, and as I sit here staring at the mess they left me this morning of remnant from the "R" rated movie they went to in the form of Hot Tamales and Sugar Babies boxes (my daughter was the last of her friends to turn seventeen, hence the "R" rated flick), the empty glasses, empty bottles of Jarritos and gatorade, remnants of popcorn, smores, and nachos (Geezuz, how much can 5 teenage girls eat!!), I realize that this mess is not too much unlike what my life has become.

A chaotic mess.

And one with little time for anything else to squeeze into it.

My day job, the legal marketing job at the personal injury law firm, my duties have become so much that I cannot get
anything done there. I do one task and BAM, it's time to go home. Sometimes I have to finish up at home. I work part time, and I could work more hours, but I'm trying to wait until I get my book out, which is proving to be difficult because I'm finding it hard to take time to finish finding all those damn typos in my proof copy.

This could be a catch 22.

And I have my responsibilities as a mother. My kids have soccer tournaments, music gigs. I just had both last weekend, both at least a 30 minute drive away.

Then there is the household duties. The girls have pitched in a lot this summer, I've forced them to step it up with the yard work, but I still need to be a good example and pitch in when I can, pick up my own messes, do yard work, tend my garden.

I've been trying to cook for them more often.

I try to kickbox at least twice a week, although I'd like to do it 3 or 4 times.

I'm seeing someone right now, and while this is probably the least important thing on the list (god I hope he doesn't read this and if he does, understand what I'm saying), I love spending time with him, he makes me laugh and makes me happy, and it's the only time I ever relax.

And I'm exhausted. My body forces me to nap almost every day and that's no joke. When I get home from work, I literally have to sleep or I know I will not be able to do whatever it is I have to do later, be it kickboxing, working from home, on my book, whatever.

And forget about writing. I've not written a new word in weeks. sigh.

I know I should write this list of things down and prioritize and slash. Or time manage better, but honestly, I don't know how to do that.

Help? Calgon take me away?

My boyfriend asked me to take Monday off and for the first time in my life I said, "I don't think I can, I have too much work."


Fuck that. That's not me.

I've never been someone who lives to work. I work to live, period.

Right at this moment, I think the BF just moved up a notch on the list and the day job moved to the bottom.

You gotta love writing this shit out.

How do you balance the things in your life? Are you a good time manager? Do you have any tips for a lost cause like me?
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