Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reasons I write what I do

People sometimes ask me why I write the stories I write. You know, the young adult stories about death, mental illness, violence, depression...other than just saying, the stories intrigue me, I've been trying to dig deep and come up with a  more, um, valid reason. Maybe valid isn't the right word.


Here are some things I've come up with.
  • I'm drawn to sad songs.
  • I like to write characters with flaws.
  • I'm around teenagers all the time.
  • At one time or another I've known most the people in my stories.
  • At one time or another I have been certain characters in my stories.
  • Stories of unrequited love break my heart in a profound way.
  • I write better when I'm in a deeply emotional state.
I think mostly I remember how I felt as a teenager and how all my problems seemed like the end of the world and I believe I still have the ability to convey that emotion, because in some way, part of me is still there, that girl who sometimes felt abandon, who made bad choices, who struggled with peer pressure, who faced things in life that at times made her want to give up, yet she somehow made it through. Yes, she still lives inside me and helps me tell my stories.

Some friends and me back in the day (circa 1986). I'm on the right.

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