Thursday, October 31, 2013

Anti-Bully Project

If you didn't know, October was Bully Prevention Month. I wrote a guest post for the Anti-Bully Project a few days ago, titled Keeping Our Kids Free From the Collective Mind. It can be read here. There have been guest posts all month to raise awareness about bullying and to help put an end to it.

Along with my post (and many others), authors have donated items to give away. I'm donating a copy of my forthcoming book, Dissected and a swag pack. If you follow the above link, you can also find out how to enter the contest.

If you've been bullied and are looking for help, visit the resource page at the Anti-Bully Project for a list of website that want to help.

If you want to find out how to do your part in the fight against bullying, you can visit:

The National Bullying Prevention Center
Stop Bullying Government Site
Stomp Out Bullying

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