Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cover Frustration!!

So, my first cover was too dark. The back of my second cover was a little off kilter. Then somehow the front of the third time around got this strange border around it. I'm not really even sure how that happened. I put it right into the same layout I used the first two times. Sigh.

I tried something different this time. Instead of using InDesign, I downloaded a template from Createspace for my size book. We'll see how that goes.

What really really sucks is that every time I change the digital copy on Lightning Source they charge me $40 and their proofs are $30. And I clearly wasn't thinking last night or I would have only changed on Createspace, ordered new proofs as they charge nothing for changes and their proofs are just under $4.

Ugh, sometimes I'm such an idiot.

Time is dwindling down to my release date and I don't have my cover right. I want to pull my hair out and scream and throw a tantrum on the floor. But I don't because I'm a lady. Why are you laughing? I am!

We'll see how this next proof goes. I've expedited the shipping so I have them by Friday.

Wish me luck.

Don't forget I have a preview of the first chapter on Createspace. Feel free to go and leave a review. Also enter to win a copy on Goodreads.
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