Monday, April 20, 2009

Just a little writing blurb

Excerpt from a yet to be written novel.

It’s the worst pain there is. It’s worse than when my bike chains tore through my little toe, worse than breaking my arm falling off the uneven bars during gymnastics. My mom says it hurts even more than giving birth. It’s a pain that radiates throughout your entire body and drains you of all energy so you can barely move, barely breathe. It’s a pain that makes your eyes sting with tears. A pain that makes you feel every ounce of happiness within you has died. Or that your heart will surely implode. I’m sure you know the pain of which I speak. It’s the pain of lost love, a broken heart. And after that pain has been processed and becomes nothing more than a dull thud, a fading memory, you’re left hollow. Hollow like a cave, with a cold, empty, echoing silence. And though it may not feel like it at the time, that too shall pass, and your heart will once again begin to pump with life, slowly at first, then building speed until it’s whole once again.
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