Monday, December 31, 2012

Monkey Madness Monday: 2013 Bring it on!

It's the end of another year. Yowza, was it crazy. Here's why:

  1.  Debut, um, 'nuf said?
  2.  Class of 2k12. One of the best things about the year.
  3. My friends Gae and Annemarie visited from NY for my debut, other best thing that happened this year.
  4. Had to get out of my comfort zone for the numerous school visits, bookstore and library events I participated in.
  5. Marketing, ugh.
  6.  Online dating, um, yeah, crazy would be a good word though doesn't quite grasp the absoluteness of the craziness.
  7.  Parted ways with my agent, the quest to find a new one.
  8. Both kids in high school. When the hell did I get that old?
  9. Thing One driving, a blessing and a curse.
  10. Awesome trips, AZ, NY, the ocean, Portland...
  11. Two rewrites, two new books, no 2nd book deal. :( (not yet)
  12. Insomnia. ARG!
  13. Lots of good books read (okay, lots for me, which is probably a drop to some of you)
  14. New BF. I think this one's a keeper. 
Now, for the resolutions. I like to compare the new with the old, see my successes, find my shortcomings, plan for the future accordingly. So here we go...

Last year's goals - exercise more, 3 days a week at least work up to 5 hopefully. Healthier eating habits. 30 minutes of quiet reflection a day.

Results -  I didn't entirely fail on my health goals. I did exercise more. I walked a lot, bought a bike and biked quite a bit when the weather was decent. I started kickboxing. I feel good about it. I'd say I did the 3 a week mostly. Didn't quite make it to 5, only some weeks. I still eat pretty healthy. Quiet reflection? Not so much.

2013 goal - Keep up with the exercise, 3-5 times a week. Keep up with the healthier eating, cut down on my wine *sheds tear*. While I didn't give myself a weight goal last year, I really would like to drop some weight. I'm not going to put a number on it, just going to leave it at that. Quiet reflection...hmmm...I think I'll try this again. 30 minutes a day, huh? I'll try.

Last year's goals - Finish rewrite (Dissected), write 2 books. I know those are lofty goals, but I think I can do it if I set my mind to it, set priorities, and plan my time better.

Results - I finished the rewrite. I also finished a major rewrite of another book and wrote 30k at Nano toward another book. So I didn't quite reach the goal, but I still feel okay about it. The major rewrite was essentially like writing a whole new book, and 30k is nothing to sneeze at.

2013 goals - Finish nano project, write 2 more books. yes, again lofty, but if I put my mind to it, I know I can do it. I also need to make some decisions. I've been contemplating 1) Entering ABNA 2) Self publishing 3) Finding an agent. I need to shit or get off the pot. I truly believe you will see another novel by yours truly on the shelves within the next two years whether it's self published or no.

Last year's goals -Figuring out how to balance work, writing, kids, and all the other pleasures in life. Reading more, staying organized, travel more.

Results - Balance? I think I did okay, though would like to do better.
I read. I actually, without realizing until just now, reached my goal of one a month. I know I read at least twelve books. Gathering Storm, Scarlet, May B., Velveteen, Breathe of Eyre, The Wicked and the Just, Breaking Beautiful, Love and Leftovers, Hunger Games, Okay for Now, Inside Out and Back Again, Hooked...look at that. That's thirteen. :) That's all I can remember and probably all I've read unless you count self help and diet books, which I don't.
Organization? Um, I just cleaned my office. It was bad. So I'd say no. Fail.
Travel. As you see from my above list, I got some places. I'm good with it.

2013 goals - Probably the same. Keep balance, keep reading, keep organized, keep traveling.

Last year's goals - To learn to love myself unconditionally, accept the things about me that cannot be changed, and try to change the things that are under my control. To accept that I am human and therefore fallible. Try not to be too hard on myself when I fail, trust myself as well as those around me. Instead of trying so hard to find happiness, I will let it seek me out.

Results - Well, love myself? Mostly I think. Accept and change, I suppose. Too hard on myself? Trust? I still have issues I suppose. Sometimes my behavior disappoints me. I can't help it. Others? I think I mostly trust others, but at times I'm too trusting. I let people take advantage of me, my heart, my generosity and kindness.  Letting happiness find me. I suppose I may have tried to hard at first, but then I let it go. And guess what, it found me and right now at this moment on the last day of 2012 I can truly say that while life can be frustrating and stressful...I am happy.  Happier then I've been for a very long time.

2013 goals - Continue to love myself and others to the best of my abilities. Remember that I am fallible and will make mistakes, but it is just a part of life, who I am, and who I will be. As long as I keep growing and learning from the mistakes I make, it's fine. I need to continue to trust in myself and others, but I also need to be more careful when doing this and now not everyone has my best interests at heart. And I will continue to let happiness happen.

Happy New Year all. I for one am excited for the new year. There are things churning in my world that I'm excited about and cannot wait for the new year to begin. It's my wish for you that 2013 be filled with adventure, hope, bliss, and love.

Stay safe and sane. Do your driving sober. Peace.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


You know what sucks about insomnia for me? The fact that I can't write when I can't sleep. If I could, I would probably have about 20 novels in my pocket just waiting to be published.

Last night I couldn't sleep. I tried, but I tossed and turned until I finally got out of bed. Then I played on the computer until about 2 am. Yes, that is probably normal for some of you, but I have a day job and a messy house, and Christmas lights to put up, and a giant pile of laundry to fold. And I'm not even going to talk about my office. Ugh.

I mean, yes, there were probably contributing factors. I did take a nap yesterday, but I've been doing that lately and it hasn't affected my sleep before. Have I ever mentioned I HATE taking naps? I have too much to do to be tired.

Also, I really wanted to go to kickboxing last night, so I drank some coffee at about 6 pm. But if I hadn't, I'm not sure I would have gone and I really needed to punch and kick stuff last night because I've been so stressed and frustrated.

But I can't write when I can't sleep because my brain is mushy. And I have a book to finish. 30k in. I need to push forward.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Sigh, it's been a rough road this last month. I participated in NaNoWriMo, and I didn't finish, but did get 30k on a new book.

I had a couple disappointing book store events, I think the first was because of placement, the second, definitely advertising.

And my debut year is coming to an end, and to be honest, it was a little disappointing, and I'm coming to grips with that.

I was going to go into detail, but decided against it. I'll just say, my book sold pretty well, there were just some bumps in the road that in my opinion stopped it from becoming more than it was.

I have decided I'm not going to market Never Eighteen any more. I'm going to look forward to what comes next. I don't know which book it will be, or if it will be traditional or self publishing, but I know I still want to do this, so I'll keep working.

And Happy Birthday to my Dad.

Have a great Tuesday all.

My Dad. He's awesome.

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