Monday, April 22, 2013

Monkey Madness Monday: And the winner!

 That may be a little over dramatic, but it's kind of how I feel after watching with pride as all my writing friend's amazing novels have been nominated for all sorts of literary awards, and finally, I get my first nomination.

Never Eighteen has been nominated for a Charlotte. The New York City Reading Association's Charlotte Award is named for the title character in Charlotte's Web. The purpose is to encourage students to read outstanding literature and become lifelong readers and also recognize authors and illustrators of such literature. 

They just called Never Eighteen outstanding literature.  *giggles like little girl*

I'm excited about the nomination, but you know, the competition is stiff, so um, I'm excited about the nomination. hahaha. This is who I'm up against:

Mike Mullin, Ashfall
Gail Jarrow, The Amazing Harry Kellar
 Marissa Meyer, Cinder
Susan Vaught, Freaks Like Us
Jim Murphy, The Giant and How He Humbugged America
Laurence Pringle, The Amazing History of the Ice Business
Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children
Leslea Newman, October Mourning
Joseph Bruchac, Wolf Mark  

Winners won't be chosen until April of next year, so I have a long time to enjoy my nomination.   

Friday, April 19, 2013

I hate John Green

Did that get your attention? 

I don't really hate him of course, I don't even know him. In fact, he seems like a really amazing guy and I have a pile of his books on my shelf, signed to me, I might add, waiting to be read (after I finish Divergent and read Catching Fire, yeah, I'm a little behind in my reading. Bite me)

So why do I mention John Green? Well, I was on Goodreads the other day *dun duh dun dun*, yeah, yeah, Goodreads doesn't bother me as much as it bothers other writers. Bad reviews don't make a dent in my skin anymore. They make me learn, laugh or say "Dafuq?"  I hardly go to Goodreads any more, only about once a week maybe, just to accept friend requests, check on my little book.


With many of my reviews, there seems to be a reoccurring theme: John Green's, The Fault in our Stars. I've not read it. It's one of the books that sits on my shelf, signed, waiting to be read. Yeah,I know they're all signed, but I bet yours doesn't say, Dear Megan, blah blah blah, Love, John Green. 

Why you ask does TFIOS pop up so frequently in my reviews? If you know anything about young adult literature, you know that his book is about teenagers with cancer. And if you read my blog, you've heard a million times that my book, Never Eighteen is about a teenager with cancer.

I don't mind being lumped into the same breath (sentence, keyboard stroke, whatever) as John Green, whether the review is flattering or not. Mostly, they are just stating that they like these kind of weepie books (sick lit as they're called now), and since they came out at the same time, many of the bloggers read them about the same time. 

I even had some bloggers say they liked mine better than Greens. Okay, one. Maybe it was one.

It was the last bad review I got that had me thinking (I really don't normally like to talk about my bad reviews, but I have a point here I think is interesting). "I’m sorry, but I think it was an awful version of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. I didn’t find anything different in its plot."
So, with that said, this is my train of thought. Number one, it's obviously not a "version" of Green's book because I've never read it. Which is really not my main point at all, here's my main point.

My publisher HAD to have known Green was coming out with a cancer book, right? Same time, right? Would it not have made more sense to put mine out BEFORE his than after? It's been a little over a year since NE has come out and this has never really crossed my mind. But all these book releases are announced in Publisher's Marketplace. If a big name is releasing, wouldn't you want your title to come out first if it's on the same subject matter?

I don't know. My mind was just wandering since reading that review.

Anyway, on to more important things. Which Green book should I read first?

Looking for Alaska
An Overabundance of Katherines
The Fault in our Stars
Will Grayson Will Grayon or
Paper Towns

What do you think?

Okay happy Friday here are my scribbles!!

Next Pandora Song: Born to Die by Lana del Rey

Book of the Week: Since we're talking about it. The Fault in our Stars, John Green

Netflix of the Week: A friend told me about a movie called The Horseman yesterday, and though I've not watched it yet, I trust his judgement and it's on my cue.

Quote of the Week: "You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty." ~ Gandhi 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Living for the Moment

Have you ever read the book Never Eighteen? You know the one, where the teenage boy is going to die, so he makes this bucket list of things he wants to do and see, and all the people he wants to visit to remind that you only get one shot at life and you better make the most of it?

HAHAHA yeah, that's my book. I know. But ever since writing that, and more than that, ever since my divorce, I really believe we should be living our lives that way, because yeah, one day it could all end we could be too sick or injured, or worse yet, too dead to do the things we still want to do in life.

I want to keep writing, keep publishing books. It's why I've chosen the indie route. I don't want to wait another two to three years to see another book on the shelf. I want to travel and if I have to live a little beyond my means to do it, I will. I want to have fun and enjoy life. I want to entertain people, throw parties.


I want to go places I've never gone. I've made a rash decision to go to Vegas next month. Vegas has never been on the top of my list of places to go. So why? Because I can. Because I have a little money in the bank. Because I've never been there. Because someone asked me to go. So why not?

Life is short. In a short few weeks I have seen seen someone commit suicide, known of three terminal cancer patients, and one heart attack. Some day this could be me (not the suicide, but the other things). And think about the bombing in Boston. Those three people that died, they were young. Very young. There is no way they saw that coming.

I'm going to live life for today and try not to think about what comes tomorrow. I've let myself get depressed and stressed again, and I'm thinking this is just the mentality I need to bring myself out of the slump again.

Maybe I'll even make a bucket list.

Tell me, what are some of the things you would like to do, see? What are some goals you have for yourself?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday WIP day

First off, could you go like my profile pic on Facebook? I'm in a contest where I could win $1000 from my kickboxing club.

And without further ado, my WIP.

I believe this is a continuation of the section I posted last week, from my WIP Revelation: Book One of the Divination Chronicles.

Mary and I head to the gym; P.E. is our only class together. We enter the locker room and pull out our second hand gym clothes. As Infidels, we’re not even allowed to shop at stores that sell new clothing. We have to shop at thrift and vintage stores, which I don’t mind so much for everyday clothing, but finding tennis shoes that aren’t worn out is a near impossible task.

As I’m tying up my laces, a voice that makes me cringe every time I hear it says, “Nice shoes. Looks like a pair I had two years ago.” Emily Paine, a fitting last name. She’s a pain in the ass to anyone below Disciple standing. She’s flanked by the pair of idiots that follow her around like shadows, Ashley and Olivia.  They stand there, stupid evil grins on their faces. All blonde, all beautiful, all bitches.

“Hello Emily, Satan give you the day off?”

She leans over and points a perfectly manicured red nail in my face, “You better watch the Satan talk, Danica, you could be labeled a Radical, and you know what happens to Radicals.”

I look her square in the eyes. She doesn’t scare me. Her parents may be high up in the caste system, but my dad is a surgeon, and those aren’t easy to come by these days. “Don’t you have soul to suck or something?”

She crosses her arms over her overstuffed bra, juts her hip out and stands there a moment, staring at me, frustrated expression on her face, more than likely trying to come up with a comeback.  She finally says, “Your shorts are ugly.” Then she turns around and walks away. Olivia and Ashley humph at me, then follow.

As they all walk like runway models down the narrow strip between rows of lockers I shout after them, “So’s your mom!”

Mary says, “You shouldn’t mess with Emily.”

“She’s a heinous bitch.” I finish tying my laces.

Mary stands and looks at me gravely, “A heinous bitch with powerful parents who can make your parent’s life miserable.”

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sigh: Death, and the Why's, and the Media

Another massacre. 

I don't even know what to say about it really. I'm almost speechless. What is there to say? All I can ask is why? Especially when, yet again, the death of a child is involved. If you're so angry and unhappy with the world, just blow your own brains out and let everyone else go on in this miserable world.


This is why I don't read or watch the news. I almost don't want to know about these tragedies. Ignorance is bliss, right? I didn't know anyone there, but I knew people who knew people there. Who were waiting for calls. Ugh.

And the media. They only perpetuate things. They only give these murderers what they want. You know what I want? This is what I want. I want the families of the dead to be notified. Then I want the dead to be named on television so that everyone else with family there knows it wasn't theirs, then I want to see no more of it. Why? Because that's what these killers want. They do it for attention. Maybe if we stop giving these depraved, crazy, sociopaths all this attention they would stop. They would stop killing children, and innocent bystanders, and people just out for a night at the movies, and people just going about their normal routines trying to make a living for their families, and the people who end up trying to save them.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monkey Madness Monday: I'm online dating again

Well, kind of. I haven't officially gone on any dates yet.

I sound like a total bitch in my profile. But much like the publishing world, in the dating world, I've become a bit jaded. I don't want to drive 30 minutes to go on a date. I don't want to date a guy with a dog. I don't want to date a guy with little kids when mine are a couple years to being out of the house. I don't want to date a guy looking for a bride when I'm not sure I ever want to get married again.

When Plenty of Fish puts my matches on the screen I say "Dafuq?" What the hell are they thinking? Do they even read my parameters?

And they ask if I'd date a guy who smokes or does drugs, but I think they should ask if I'd date a guy with pets, or body odor, or halitosis, or who swears socks with sandals.

And there are people who don't put pics of themselves on their profiles. They put pictures of their dogs (automatic "no" for me), or sunsets, or no pic at all. Now how the hell am I supposed to know if I want to date you if I don't even know what you look like? I mean, looks aren't every think I know, but there has to be some kind of physical attraction? I tell them I want something between all american boy and quasimodo.

And honestly, I don't think they even read my profile. Because when they write me and I look at their profiles it's like um, lives more than 10 miles away - check. Dog - check. Small children - check. Tries to IM me (which I say on my profile I won't do) - check.

I do have a guy I've been texting. And he does seem to be Mr. Right Now, which is what I'm looking for. I don't want a relationship, I just want to date. I don't want to feel like a cat lady (I don't have cats). I need some Megan time, some Megan + kid time, some writing time, some get healthy and fit time.

With only a little date time on the side, but one to my liking.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Reaching goals and moving forward

Me on my 44th birthday
This could encompass many things in my life.

It could encompass reaching my 44th birthday, talking to my counselor, and having her tell me that no, I'm not a complete fuck up and having me leave her office almost believing it. I'm worried and depressed because I'm always tired and I can't get my yard work done or my house cleaned. And I'm lonely.

She reminds me this is because I'm trying to be a good mom. I believe her exact words were Supermom. And I have an awesome job. And I'm publishing my own book. And I'm writing again. And I just got back from an awesome vacation. And I'm going out with my friends and trying to date again but NOT get into a relationship. And I'm going to coach soccer. And I'm kickboxing. And she says, fuck it if you can't clean your house or get your yard work done. Hire someone to do it.

Um, okay. I'll give her that. Whatever.

Reaching goals could also mean I made it to my Indiegogo goal. Yay me!!!! Now I can move forward
Happy Dance
with my Indie publishing process. Where I'm at now: Book is in the hands of editor friend for copy edits and line edits. I will edit when she's done and send to another friend for formatting (god it's good to have friends in this biz). I will start designing and buying swag, bookmarks, buttons, sticks, bracelets. I will buy ISBN numbers. I will research distribution. Those are my next steps for now.

Goal is publication by Junilyish.  I'd say a release party 2nd week July. Book out in time for next school year. I'm excited!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting old(er)

It's my birthday. Where am I in life? In many ways I feel I've accomplished a lot, in many ways I feel I've done nothing.

I have two beautiful daughters. I've had a book published by one of the biggest publishers in the world. I have a great job that utilizes my talents well.  I'm a smart, funny, sexy woman.

On the other hand I'm lonely and can't seem to be without a relationship for too long even though I know I should. I want a second book deal and don't have one so I'm going Indie, which I'm excited about, but also scared to death about. and even though I'm embracing smart, funny and sexy I also feel a bit out of control, chaotic, and crazy.

So there's that. I can't decide whether I have my shit together or whether I'm a mess. Every year for the past few years I would say "this year is going to be epic." I'm not going to say that this year. I don't feel that way this year. I'm not sure what this year is going to bring. It feels a little daunting. I don't know why, it just does.

For right now I'm just going to take it one day at a time though and see what happens. I'm going to try to slow my life down. I'm constantly going and it stresses me out. I'm going to focus on my kids stuff, because they have a lot of stuff, band gigs, soccer, tennis, drivers ed. I'm even going to coach them in soccer this year. I'm going to really try to NOT get in a relationship. I'm going to just date and see where that gets me. I'm going to keep writing. I'm going to get this book out this summer and see what happens. I'm going to concentrate on my health, keep eating right, keep kickboxing, walking outside when the weather gets nicer, try to get up earlier so I can get back to Pilates.

That's what I'm going to do. And I hope those things turn into habits and stick.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Wip: Revelation: Book One of the Divinity Chronicles

Here's a bit from the dystopian YA series I'm working on, The Divinity Chronicles. Let me know what you think.

The dirty white bus with the black bold letters that spell out INFIDELS, waits at the curb as it does every week day, to drive us across town to neighborhoods like the ones in which we used to live, to take us to school. You’d think the Deities would practice segregation to keep us away from their children and those of their precious Disciples and Priests, but with us all under the same roof, they think it easier to convert us. Brainwash, more like it. They’ve not had a great success rate yet.

We climb on the bus with all the other children of Infidels and head to W1-6 HS, which stands for the West Zone, Sector 1, Division 6, High School. Mary takes two packs of tin foil out of her messenger bag, more than likely leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. She opens the window as we cross the Incendia Bridge, and tosses the packages over.

 I peer down to watch the scrambling of the Radicals, those who not only oppose the Deities, but insist on continuing to worship their old gods, be them Christian, Hindu, Muslim, whatever. They’ve banded together to stay alive. Committing treason in the eyes of the Deities, if they’re caught it’s punishable by death. As citizens of the new theocracy, or theocrazy as I like to call it, we are bound to report any sighting of Radicals, but we don’t. The idea of being persecuted for believing in something is archaic. I don’t blame them for sticking to their ideologies, I’m sure it offers them some kind of hope for the future.

We pull up to the curb of the school and file out like lemmings to their death, which is what it feels like when you have physical education first period.  If anything should be outlawed, it should be forcing us to do jumping jacks and climb ropes at seven o’clock in the morning.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Inspired by Reading

I finally started reading Veronica Roth's, Divergent. I've been wanting to read it for a really long time, but I've been reading friends books, and writing, and you know, there's that thing called life, but on vacation, I finally had some time to actually sit down and relax.

So far, I love it. I'm a big fan of dystopian stuff anyway, so it's a no brainer for me really as a best seller. But the other thing about it is it's made me excited to work on my own dystopian books. I have one adult I started ages ago and one trilogy I'm writing based on the first novels I ever wrote. Last night I got up to 5k on the first book of the trilogy.

I love how reading inspires and I realize how much I miss it when I haven't done it in awhile.I miss the escape, and let me tell you, if anyone needs to escape from life it's me.

Are there any books that have inspired your writing? Tell me.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monkey Madness Monday: I'm back! and other crap

Okay, after some advisement, I'm back at blogger. We'll see if the spammers stay away.

I just got back from vacation, and on the way home I finished my revisions of Dissected. Yay me!

Now I send it to an editor for copy edits and other ideas.

Next step, fixing those mistakes and moving to formatting. I think this book is still on track to come out in early summer.

Also, my Indiegogo campaign is still running. There are 15 days left and my goal is another $170. If you'd like to contribute and help me get this book on the shelf asap, you can follow the widget to the right. If you donate, you get perks, such as a signed book and swag. Or you can follow the link if you just want to see what the book is about, watch the trailer, or see where the money is going.

I've not pushed the campaign too hard, but now that it's coming to a close and I'm very close to my goal, I may become annoying (as if I wasn't in other ways already).

Happy Monday all. Good to be back at blogger.

My Dad. He's awesome.

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