Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Four Things to Be Thankful For: Friends

All kinds of friends. There are those you know you can always count on. The ones that will take care of your kids, shop for you when you're sick, and drive you to the airport.

There are the ones you meet for coffee every so often and talk about old times, your kids, and future plans.

There are those that make you laugh.

Those that will listen.

Last night I met up with a group of girlfriends. We all went to high school together. Most of them I've seen about two or three times in the last twenty years. It was like we'd never missed a beat. So there's those friends you can see just every so often, and you'll know it will always be like old times.

Friends are a gift. No matter what kind of friend they are to you. Treasure them always.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Four Things to Be Thankful For: Other peoples babies.

I love babies. I love to hold them, play with them, make them laugh, watch them sleep. They make me happy, they make me smile. OTHER people's babies that is. That way you can get your baby fix, and then you can send them home. If you're holding them and they cry, you can hand them back to their parent. It's perfect.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Four things to be Thankful for.

Need to get back to blogging and since it's Thanksgiving week, I thought I would write a few short blogs about four things that I'm thankful for.

I suppose the first would be health. I'm a fairly healthy person. I try to exercise and eat right. My children are healthy, most the people I'm close to are in good health as well.

Of course, this did not come easy. I've had my share of ups and downs as far as health and weight are concerned. So, I guess I'm not only thankful for my health, but for the will power and knowledge it takes to be healthy these days. (I do miss pizza and wine and other yummy things, thank god for 100 calorie packs of Doritos)

That's all. Catch you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hey look!!!

I'm not blogging again today. Sorry for my absence, but NaNoWriMo has taken over my life. I promise I will try, but you may not see my until December 1st.

Love you to pieces.

Ciao for now.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Four reasons it will be difficult to blog this week.

See, I told you didn't I? I've skipped two days in a row. So, hmmmm, I guess I will only be giving you two reasons, and so I will now lump the rest together into one. Everything. Nanoing, soccer, writing, now planning a trip to NYC, yep that's right. Sick kids, holidays, cleaning, dinner guests, responsibilities, emails, facebook.

I could probably continue, but I won't. I think you get the picture. Life gets busy sometimes and doesn't allow you to stay with your normal routine. I'm okay with that. I thrive on chaos. Without it, I don't think I could survive. I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

So that's it. Sorry for slacking this week.

I will do the Friday Free For All tomorrow.

Love my peeps. Happy Thursday.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Four reasons it will be difficult to blog this week.


I have not slept well for about three weeks now. I've been getting up about 4:00 am. When I go to bed I will wake up about 2:00 am and won't be able to go back to sleep.

My brain is being all used up for other things, and I just don't have the creativity to do all that and blog also.

Right now I'm so tired I may fall asleep on my keyboard.

The good thing about this is, when I go through phases like this, it usually comes to a head eventually, and I will collapse and sleep one night for about 10 hours straight.

That's all for today.

(nano words 16,969)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Free For All: A Little Rant About Stupid Crude Idiots on Facebook

I use Facebook for all sorts of things. I connect with friends who are scattered all over the country, I network for my writing, I play games. It's a fun thing for me. Something I enjoy (maybe a slight bit addicted to).

I have over 2,000 friends on Facebook. Some of this is for my writing, some for my gaming. So, I know some of these people aren't going to be a high class of people. But really, what makes a person think they can IM me and ask crude questions.

Here is an IM I received this morning from someone I don't really know, just play Mafia Wars with (don't judge me, everyone needs their fun):






may i plz ask you something?





mmm.. can you plz sit on my face?

Really? Come on. And when I ignored him, he said please. Needless to say, we are no longer Facebook friends. I get a lot of IM's about Mafia Wars, so I assumed that is what he was going to ask me about.

And this is the second time this has happened. The first time was a few months ago. A guy asked me to blow him on IM.

Do these people have nothing better to do than sit at their computers and sexually harass others? Get a life, better yet, get a girlfriend. Of course, these guys are probably so socially retarded no one in their right mind would date them.

I know, this is the risk I take having so many friends that I don't really know. But I should have a right to my fun without having to feel violated.

Okay, rant all done. Thanks for giving me an ear. Love you guys.

Song of the Week: Redemption Song (love me some Marley)

Movie of the Week: A Simple Plan (that is one messed up story)

Book of the Week: Twisted Tree by Kent Meyers (reading it for Amazon Vine, don't know how I feel about it yet)

Quotes of the Week: "There's nothing more dangerous than a resourceful idiot." ~ Scott Adams

"Is being an idiot like being high all the time?" ~ Janeane Garofalo

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Top Four Reasons I'm the Coolest Mom in the World: #1

It's all in the attitude.

I don't look my age, I don't act my age, therefore, I don't feel my age. I'm a friend to my kids, but not one of those "my kids are my best friend" moms. I dish out as much discipline as I do friendship.

But, I goof around with them. I tickle them. I hug them.

I act like I'm going to beat them (they think this is hilarious)

I do goofy stuff like dance in the living room and kick box in the kitchen.

I act crazy.

I play soccer with them, and when I get injured I play it up good. This always cracks them up.

I sing loudly to the radio.

I give them an hour of independence every day after school.

I feign crying, screaming, and death.

I give them money for Starbucks.

I talk to them honestly about boys, alcohol, drugs, and sex. (and am told really gross stuff in return. I have mentioned Icy Hot before, right?)

Basically, I treat them like they're human. I do little things every day to make them smile. I do big things to heal their hearts, or take their sadness away, or fill them with love.

And they may think I'm the coolest mom in the world, but I think they're the coolest kids.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Top Four Reasons I'm the Coolest Mom in the World: #2

It has to be the clothes.

1. skinny jeans. I don't know hardly any other moms that wear skinny jeans. My girls think I am cool because of the skinny jeans.

2. knee socks. I wear them just about every day. With jeans, mini skirts, on the soccer field over my shin guards. It's my thing.

3. high tops. I have two pair now. both black, one with pink hearts with wings, the other pair with purple peace signs.

4. knit cap. I have invested in these almost as much as knee socks, though I pretty much just stick with the black one. It's my favorite.

5. cool t-shirts. My favorite says Bite Me. It's supposed to be a Halloween shirt, but I wear it all year long.

This is pretty much what I wear on a daily basis. The jeans are at times interchangeable with mini skirts. My kids think this is very cool. They told me once as I was sitting around with a leg up on the arm of the chair checking my text messages that I look like a teenager. I did not hate this comment at all.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top Four Reasons I'm the Coolest Mom in the World: #3

I think my number three definitely has to be music. I have eclectic musical taste. From the Beatles, to Green Day, to Death Cab, to Kanye, I love it all. The only music I do not like would be country (though some cross overs are okay) and fusion jazz.

I love listening to music, and I think I've instilled my love of music in my kids too. My younger daughter, Rachel, her favorite is the Beatles, which I think is tres cool. She will listen to just about anything.

My older daughter Mary's tastes are more particular. While her favorite band is Green Day (she's liked them since she was about eight), most of the music she likes is new, either hip hoppy or poppy. She likes Kanye, Boys like Girls, Fall Out Boy, Beyonce (All of which I like also).

So, we listen to music together. We dance, we groove, we sing.

I remember when I was growing up, my parents listened to Sinatra, and Connie Francis, Willie Nelson, and Barbra Streisand. All of which I hated (of course, I have learned to love Sinatra, what's not to love). Our music tastes were like night and day.

So I love that my kids and I have this equal love for the same music. There's no fighting over the radio (though I've been listening to more indie and alternative than hip hop these days, but the kids don't seem to mind, and even like much of that too), and they think it's cool that I know the words to Low, have lots of the Now cd's, and can do the Soulja Boy dance.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Top Four Reasons I'm the Coolest Mom in the World: #4

Okay, seriously, my thirteen year old daughter told me how cool the kids at school think I am, so I was trying to figure out why. Why am I the coolest mom ever? What is it about me that appeals to teenagers.

This comment was made on Halloween, so my # 4 is this: When the teenagers come to our door, we don't give them the little tiny candies you get in the 10 pound bags. We give them full size candy bars.

You should see their faces when I hand them a big Milky Way or 3 Musketeers. They light up. They become children again, forgetting all their teenage problems. Okay, maybe that's a bit melodramatic, but they do love it.

So, if you ever want to get in the good graces of the teens in your neighborhood, give them big candy bars on Halloween.

Hell, I wonder what they'd think of me if I handed out the King Size.

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