Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Branding contest still going on, oh yeah, and a monkey

 Sorry I've not blogged, I've had a deadline at the day job that has pretty much kicked my ass and have been working diligently all week to get it done (still not done, deadline is tomorrow)

I'm giving it until the end of the month. I've received some good entries. So if you want to enter, better do it soon.

What the heck is a branding contest, you ask? Simply, I need a brand, a pithy tagline if you will. I'm retiring the Angsty Writer. I'm revamping all that is me, my website, blog, youtube, video series, all of it.

What will you win? A bunch of Never Eighteen stuff--signed book, tote bag, and a buttload of swag. I'll even throw your name on my website.

Sooo, bring me your ideas, here, facebook, youtube, twitter. Wherever. I'm going to be a new person soon. I'll let you know later when the new  me will be revealed.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BRAND ME FOR REALSIES (yes I'm yelling)

Um, seriously people? I need ideas!!

I'm throwing in a Never Eighteen tote bag and will fill it with NE swag and a signed book.

I’m thinking something to do with Chaos.

I’ll also include your name on my new website.

Help me out peeps.

You can let me know here on my blog.

My website

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Monkey Madness: Rebranding Contest

Yes, I'm going to rebrand myself. I think it's time the Angsty Writer be retired. Yes, of course I'm still angsty, and I embrace that side of me, but that doesn't really define who I am anymore.  I mean, yeah, I write stuff from my heart and soul, and let my emotions guide me, and that, thus far, has become young adult contemporary fiction. But it's not all I write, nor all I want to write. I am more than that. I've written/am going to write:

Chick lit.
Adult contemporary

I don't want to get pigeonholed into being the writer of YA weepies because although, yeah, I'll probably continue to do that, I also want to write things that are funny, and fantastical, and asskicking.

So, this is what I think. I want you to help brand me. Those of you who've been following me for awhile probably know me pretty good by now. Those of you new here, maybe take a look at some old blogs? I need a new name for my blog. A new tagline if you will.  I'm also going to be redoing my website. Everything is getting a facelift.

 If I pick your brand, I'll send you a signed copy of Never Eighteen and a bunch of SWAG.  I'll put your name on my new website if you want.

So, you can answer here, send me a message through my website, facebook, or twitter. You know where to find me. I think I'll just run the contest until I find something I like.

Ready? Go.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

NYC Day 4: A Walk (lost) in the Park and crashing on floors

We checked out of the New Yorker, had them stow our luggage, and first stop was the New York Public Library, you know, the one with the lions out front. It was very cool, the architecture magnificent. I didn't spend a lot of time in there because the BF couldn't go in with his Starbucks, which was fine.

We didn't really have a plan. We'd intended to go to Long Island to visit my friend Gae, but she had an opportunity come up she couldn't pass up, to see the screening of Fat Kid Rules the World, a film by Matthew Lillard, based on the book by Gae's friend, K.L. Going. So she wasn't going to be home until around midnight, meaning we had all day in the city, which was kind of nice. We were contemplating going to the screening, but were playing things by ear as we were fairly exhausted after two days of walking and the movie didn't start until 9:00 pm.

We decided to go back to Central Park since we didn't really get to see much of it. But first we stopped at Trump Tower, which is pretty impressive, almost as tall as the Sears Tower. There's a restaurant, bar, Starbucks, and thankfully bathrooms. There's also a "public garden". I put this in quotes because there was about a tree in there, to me, not really equating it to a garden, but maybe to the Donald it is.

Then to Central Park. We rested on the grass for a bit, then did the Literary Walk. Lots of musicians in the park and a guy that wanted a buck to make me laugh. I laughed at him and didn't even have to pay. We walked around the lake, which was beautiful. Then we went searching for the John Lennon memorial in Strawberry Fields and got *cough*a little lost. We found our way once the BF realized I had the map upside down. *cough* We walked about 5 miles through the park and didn't even get halfway through.

Then we met up with a friend of the BFs and took him to McGarry's which we'd become very fond of, the guy who'd been watching people from our table the last time came out and counted money. The Sam Adams guy was there and he gave us not one, but TWO free buckets of beer, which was awesome, because 1) it's good beer and 2) it was a hot day.

BFs friend had to go and we walked back to the New Yorker and decided we were way too tired to wait until midnight to go to Long Island, so we began searching for hotels a little grudgingly, as we really didn't want to pay the money. I found a couple in the Times Square area that were reasonable, our hotel had some kind of health conference going on so it was booked.

Then the BF says, "get a hold of Theresa and see if we can crash there." I was reluctant. I felt bad just barging in on someone, but I did, and she was happy to host us. Her apartment was small, and clean, and cute. She took us to her dive bar (that's what she calls it) down the street and we listened to awesome music and played Yahtzee. Then we went back and crashed on an air mattress on her floor.

Very good day. Tomorrow, Long Island.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NYC Day 3: Lost at Macy's, WTC & more 2k12

I have to say, the first the the BF and I did every morning was hit the Starbucks across the streets. And just like here, the birthplace of Starbucks, there is pretty much a store on every corner in NYC.

Next we walked over to Macy's, which boasts being the largest department store in the world, and I believe them. Ten and a half floors (yes, half) tall, and I don't know how wide. Maybe a block? And there was a basement. I'm assuming that is part of the floor count.

On the way there, I ran into this: Okay, there is a large woman in front of us, imagine her speaking in a NY accent.  "She got a lot of fu*@ing nerve. Yeah she got a lot of nerve."
I'm assuming the woman is on a blue tooth since she was alone. We past her, nope, no blue tooth. Just one of the many people we encountered talking to themselves. Beautiful.

I'm wanting to buy a shirt for my book signing that evening, so we leave floor one (watches, perfume, guy stuff) and head upstairs to floor 2, then floor 3, floor 4. I'm pretty sure it took us two hours to get through those few floors. We got lost, turned around, didn't find a shirt, and didn't go any further because we had reservations at the World Trade Center. Macy's, for my tastes, was a bit too overwhelming. I think I'm okay with one floor of women's clothing. I'm not sure I want to take the time to go through three floors (it may have actually been four, I lost count).

We kind of lost track of time, so we had to take a cab to meet our 1:00 pm reservation at the World Trade Center. First time catching a cab in NY. I'd seen other people do it, so I was confident I could. I stood on the corner and put my hand out. Then a guy stood in front of me and put his hand out. Then a woman stood in front of him and put her hand out.  So what did I do? I ran down the street in front of the woman held my hand out and a cab promptly came and the BF and I hopped in while the woman yelled at me, "That's my cab!" I simply said, "Nope." and as we drove away, the BF said,"Have a nice day." Even the cabby laughed.

We get to the WTC, there's a long security line, but it didn't take too much time to get through. It's like the airport, but they yell at you if you take off your shoes. No this did not happen to me.

Let me just say, the memorial pools were breathtaking. I was brought to tears as I read the names of the all people who had died so senselessly. And they have the one tree left standing after the tragedy protected by a railing. It was absolutely beautiful.

After that we were starving to death, having not eaten yet and found this whole in the wall pizza place called Majestic Pizza. I must mention, these little restaurants have no bathrooms. Be prepared to pee anyplace you can find a public bathroom, even if you don't have to go because you never know when you may find a bathroom again. The pizza was  YUMMY!!!

We walk back, three miles, which was fine, but then I start to panic that I'm going to be late for my book signing at Books of Wonder. ACK! I quickly get ready, we start walking, I begin to panic, so about halfway there we catch a cab. We get there a half hour early. I was sticky hot and parched. I dumped my stuff off and BF and I find a place a couple doors down and grab a quick beer.

Then back to the book store. It was AWESOME!! We had about 50 people show up, including my friend Theresa from the night before. All the 2k12ers from the night before were there except for Kimberly Sabatini, her book doesn't come out until later this year. We got to introduce ourselves and our books, then we had Q&A and sales and signing. I signed a few books, and even a Kindle cover. I had some people come up to me who'd already read the book and tell me how much they liked it. Then we got to sign the rest of our stock (which means they can't send the books back, they have to sell them :) I bid goodbye to my 2k12 friends. So nice to be able to meet them in person and BF and I were starving, so off to dinner.

My friend Theresa told us about this place called Old Town, and she decided to meet us. It was a little pub off the beaten path and PACKED. Apparently people who live in NYC go out during the week because the tourists go out on the weekend and everything is even more packed.

Then we walked back to the New Yorker, VERY tired, having walked about 7 miles that day. We hit Times Square on the way because we wanted to see it at night all lit up. Then we literally collapsed.

Tomorrow, the library and getting lost in Central Park.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NYC Day 2: Class of 2k12 and other fun stuff

Hard Rock Cafe
Day two was FULL. Of course it probably wouldn't have seemed that way if we could have gotten up on NY time, but we were still pretty much on west coast time and were woken up by the maid knocking on our door wanting to clean our room sometime after 10 am.

We headed out toward Time Square. First stop, Hard Rock Cafe to by Thing Two, my musician, a souvenir. Ended up buying her a cool t-shirt with a Jimi Hendrix design. Then it was to American Eagle, where I found Thing One, my little fashion hound, a t-shirt. Then Starbucks and Rockefeller Plaza, and the American Girl Store, where the BF wanted to buy Kaya for his daughter. OMG, I'd never seen so much AG crap or so many whiny little girls in my entire life. The store was really cool though.

A little snafu kept us there for a bit, then again we were off, first getting a hot dog at a street stand ( a NYC must do) then hitting FAO. I have to say, FAO was much different than I remembered. I remembered it being a little more open, walkable. I felt a little claustrophobic in there. We did a very quick walk through, saw Spidey and Captain America there, I had no idea they were friends, then we hit Central Park for just a few minutes because I began to panic because I was supposed to meet a friend at 4:30 and had my 2k12 event at the 10th Rail at 6:00.

Did I mention the weather called for rain and it was absolutely gorgeous the entire time we were there?

Back to the New Yorker to freshen a bit, then we had to find a place to meet my friend Theresa. I must say, it's very cool when you find a very cool place in New York to hang out and have a drink. We went to a place called McGarrys, a little Irish Pub on 9th Ave. It had a beer garden in back, which was awesome. We ordered an appetizer because we were starving (did we eat that day? no recollection) and waited for Theresa, whose bus had yet to appear.

While we were sitting, an Irish guy, assuming the owner or manager comes and sits next to the BF, and in his Irish accent says, "I need to sit and observe." He eyeballs a table in the corner with a large group. Then he says, "There's a group of ten over there, and only two of them drinkin'"
Theresa and I

I was like, "Oh, taking up space and not spending money." "Yeah." And then he must have put some kind of Irish curse on them or willed them to leave because not five minutes later they were up and gone.

Theresa shows up, and we enjoy a drink together. It was so nice to see her. I don't think I had since high school! She comes with us to the 10th Rail for the 2k12 Mix and Mingle.

Sarah, Annie, Kimberly, Me, Sarv, Lynda
The mix and mingle was small, but fun. So nice to meet my fellow 2k12ers, Sarv, Kimberly, Annie, Sarah, and Lynda. It's so weird, you talk to these people all year on the computer, and sometimes you never get to meet, so it's very surreal when you actually get to meet in person!!  Anyway, we had a great time, then it was back to the New Yorker (after a stop at Lucy's Cantina for $12 martini's O.o) and sleep.

Come back tomorrow for NYC Day 3: Books of Wonder

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monkey Madness Monday: NYC Baby!

I went to New York City last week for BEA, Book Expo America. Although I didn't attend the event itself, I got together with fellow class members, Sarv Tash, Kim Sabatini, Lynda Mullaly Hunt, AC Gaughen, and Sarah Tregay for a couple 2k12 events during the week. (Lynda did the planning for our events and I was ever so grateful, feeling completely useless on the west coast)

We (the BF and I) flew in on Tuesday, got in about 4ish, and were at our hotel, the beautiful art deco New Yorker (where I saw my one and only cockroach, but it was waaaay in the basement and wasn't huge), by about 5. We didn't do that much, but we did walk around a little, got acquainted with our neighborhood.

First of all, our room was nice and clean and had a great view of the city, but was built by Lilliputians (at least the BF said so, as his feet hung off the end of the bed, fit me perfectly).

Here is a picture of our hotel room to the right. Yes, it's just a bed. That is pretty much what our room was aside from the tiny bathroom to the left of the bed there, a closet the size of my pinky behind from where I took the picture, and a desk, to my left. Of course, when you're in NYC, you're not going to sit in your room and hang out, you're going to explore the city, so you really don't need much space (and I wouldn't have wanted to pay for much more space).

the view from our room
We were starved, so the first thing we did was go find a place to eat. Close by. We ended up at Hudson Restaurant and Bar, around the corner from the hotel. They were serving $5 margaritas, and that didn't suck. I have no recollection of what I ordered, may have been a turkey sandwich, which is my normal fair at bars and grills.

My friend Gae Polisner (The Pull of Gravity, buy it, read it, love it) was in the city to see our mutual friend Jim King speak, and had plans to meet up with Cindy Minnich of the Nerdy Book Club, so we decided to tag along, and met at Seven on 7th. Drinks were consumed, and the three of us women bored the BF to death with all our writer/book talk. It was wonderful to see Gae again of course, and very nice to meet Cindy. Their blog just won the Independent Blogger Award. You should check it out.

After that it was time to collapse and get ready for a full day in NYC?

If any of you were at BEA, what was your favorite part? What were you looking forward to the most?

Now I leave you with one of my souvenirs I bought in the city, apropos for MMM...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Monkey Madness: Teenagers are inappropriate...

...at least mine are, and I'd like to know, are all teenagers inappropriate? Some of it is my fault I know this. I have the mouth of a trucker I do. And I honestly don't care if they swear. I know they're going to do it at school anyway. I don't care if they do it at the house, but they know it's not acceptable out in public, and they abide.

But, um, their sense of humor is a bit...unseemly. Not just theirs, but Thing One's friends as well.  I'd go into detail, but I don't want to offend any readers, and I haven't put an R rating on my blog, but if you think about the kind of humor that's in a movie like, say, Superbad, you'll get what I'm talking about.

The thing is though, it's funny. And sometimes I laugh, but when they're really out there (gross, or whatnot) I pretend that they disgust me and shake my head and tell them it's inappropriate.

Then I leave the room and laugh.

I'm writing a book: Shit My Kids Do and Say. It will be complete with pictures and all. I will probably be writing it under a pseudonym because while it is funny, it's embarrassing as all hell.

So, please tell me, do the teenagers you know have a warped completely sick sense of humor?

Friday, June 1, 2012

New York Here I Come

As I'm sure many of you know, next week is Book Expo America! Book writers, publishers, and gatekeepers will be gathered to see what's out, what's new, and what's next in the world of books. I'll be there with fellow Class of 2k12 members touting our books.

And I will say, there more than likely WILL be vlogging involved.

So, if you're going to be in New York next week, here are some of our events you may want to check out:

BEA Kick-Off Party 
 MONDAY, JUNE 4th, 7pm
 Bank Street Bookstore
610 West 712thStreet (Broadway)
Breaking into the business of children's and young adult fiction with
A.C. Gaughen, Lynda Mullaly Hunt, Kimberly Sabatini, 
SarvenazTash, and Sarah Tregay.

An Evening with the Authors  
Tenth Rail
473 10th Avenue(33rdStreet)
Sit back and relax with Class of2k12 authors  
Megan Bostic, A.C.Gaughen, Lynda Mullaly Hunt,  
Kimberly Sabatini,and Sarvenaz Tash. 
Enter the raffle to win fabulous literary prizes!
Class of 2k12 Book Signing  
Books of Wonder
18 West 18thStreet (between5th and6th Avenues) 
Have your books signed by
  Megan Bostic, A.C. Gaughen, Lynda Mullaly Hunt,
 Sarvenazlash, andSarah Tregay.

I would LOVE to meet some of my readers! So, if you're going to be in New York for BEA week, consider coming by for one or all of our events. (note I will not be at the first 2k12 event). Some of my classmates will also be at the Teen Author Carnival, more than 20 Apocalypsies will be at BEA! 

So, seriously, if you're in New York, get your ass to one of our events! We'd love to meet you. And did I mention prizes?

Friday Scribbles:

Random iPod shuffle song of the week:

Book of the Week: Still reading The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges, and can I just say, Katerina is in some deep shit.

Netflix of the Week: Friday Night Lights. Watched the First Episode. Love me some football.

Quote of the week: Okay, normally I would not quote Oprah, because honestly, I'm not a big fan. Please don't get on me for that, it's just an opinion. But, I wanted a quote that projected how I feel about being among other writers, and well, here it is:
"Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher." ~Oprah Winfrey
Happy Friday ya'll.  See you in NY.

My Dad. He's awesome.

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